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One Year Ago Today...

I had just landed in Ft. Myers, FL with our three older kids. My mom had picked us up from the airport and I had turned my cell phone back on. About five minutes later, it began ringing and I was absolutely shocked to hear our adoption caseworker's voice on the other end of the line saying, "I have great news for you-- We have matched you with beautiful 4 month old baby girl!" I started shaking and almost crying and my mom was celebrating next to me. After I got a few more details and got off the phone, I called Dan (who was working back home) and my mom was yelling "I have another grandchild!" over me sharing the good news. As soon as we got to the house, I checked my email and saw this:
and fell head over heels in love.  ~~~

We love you Olivia Hope, and are so glad God chose us to be your family!

:: on laundry

Okay, so this is normally something I would never (and I mean never) post about. Laundry is a distasteful task, and an even more distasteful blog topic. Yes? Yes.

However, I kind of stumbled into a system (of sorts) for doing our family's laundry after we moved into this house, and although I felt like suddenly my endless haunting laundry problem was suddenly much lighter, I  didn't really give my "system" (that wasn't really even that!) much credit. I mean, doing laundry is doing laundry right? No matter how you do it, you're still washing, drying and folding the same amount of clothes. So the easier-ness of it must all be in my head, or so I reasoned.

Fast forward to last month, a friend and I got out on a mom's ski night. On the lift up, she was lamenting her laundry woes, and I told her, sort of off-handedly, how I do mine. Well the next week she texted me, raving about how great the idea is and how well it's working for her! And while we both agr…

in support of a friend...

Brian and Ruth are friends of my family. They and I grew up going to church together (they were actually my sunday school teachers for a bit). They married when I was in high school, and moved away to New York where Brian became a pastor and they started a family. A few years ago, Brian was diagnosed with cancer, and I followed Ruth's writings of their struggles and journey on her blog. They travelled with their 7 kids (Joseph, Sharon, Christina, Sarah, Timothy, Joanna and Joshua) to New Mexico and Arizona and (I think!) Mexico during Brian's illness, giving their kids some awesome memories. Sadly, a few months ago, the day after Christmas, Brian went home to be with the Lord, leaving behind the kids and Ruth due with baby #8 this month.

Faced now with the incredible loss of her husband, and the (in my mind) insurmountable task of being a single mom of 8, Ruth recently launched an at-home business with Scentsy. Let me just say, I am a big fan of the theory of having my house s…

March 21

I stink at updating my blog. I sometimes think about updating but for some reason I get a procrastinating mental fog and don't want to do it. So I don't. It's partly because I feel like I have such an amazing and blessed life, that when I write about it I feel kinda like I'm bragging. On the other hand, everyone has issues, but when I want to write about those things, I feel like I'm whiny and have such a blessed life that I should never complain. It's not a big deal, but it's enough to be slightly prohibitive when I go to post. Also as I've said before, I'm kinda over the whole "sharing my life with the world" thing. And honestly, not to be rude, but I can think of a whole lot of things I'd rather be doing than blogging in my rather limited free time.

Anyway. While I'm at it I might as well share a little of what we've been up to!
:: My family (and Dan's parents and a bunch of our friends) all celebrated my dad's 60t…