in support of a friend...

Brian and Ruth are friends of my family. They and I grew up going to church together (they were actually my sunday school teachers for a bit). They married when I was in high school, and moved away to New York where Brian became a pastor and they started a family. A few years ago, Brian was diagnosed with cancer, and I followed Ruth's writings of their struggles and journey on her blog. They travelled with their 7 kids (Joseph, Sharon, Christina, Sarah, Timothy, Joanna and Joshua) to New Mexico and Arizona and (I think!) Mexico during Brian's illness, giving their kids some awesome memories. Sadly, a few months ago, the day after Christmas, Brian went home to be with the Lord, leaving behind the kids and Ruth due with baby #8 this month.

Faced now with the incredible loss of her husband, and the (in my mind) insurmountable task of being a single mom of 8, Ruth recently launched an at-home business with Scentsy. Let me just say, I am a big fan of the theory of having my house smell good, but I've been disillusioned with candles, especially those from the home-sale or big-name companies that make claims along the lines of "We know you've been let down by all those other smell-good candle companies, but our product really works! You won't believe how good your house smells!" And then I purchase them, only to have my hopes of a good-smelling house basically dashed, not to mention the deterrent of having to scurry for a (working) lighter the next time we have company coming and I want to light a candle.

 Long story short, I recently purchased two warmers and some scented wax from Scentsy through Ruth, and I have been nothing short of thrilled with how they've been working for me!  I have one downstairs on the hutch in our mudroom (top pic) and one on the side table in our bedroom (other two pics). They really make the house smell great, and (total bonus) look super cute and chic while doing so. (No 3/4-burned, blackened, cruddy-looking old candles around here, thank you very much!) And more bonuses: no live flame, no wicks to trim and even when melted, the wax is cool enough to touch. I am, for the first time in my life (no joke) in love with a smell-good "system" for our home.

So I thought I would share with you all. If you are looking for something for yourself, or for a gift, I personally vouch for the quality of the products. Knowing that Ruth and her kids will benefit from your purchase as well is, well, even better. Feel free to re-post this post if you want to... and if you want more information about Ruth's blog or finding her on facebook, please let me know.

Thanks friends.


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