on technology..

I love technology. Tonight while I was sitting in the dark waiting for Olivia to fall asleep, I decided to buy the book my book club is reading next month from Amazon. Two clicks and 30 seconds later, I was reading the book. Lying on the floor of my daughter's room in the dark. Seriously, how crazy is that?! Could anyone 50 years ago (or 10 years ago, who am I kidding) have imagined this scenario? How utterly convenient. And completely strange. I wonder what I will be able to do 10 years from now that I could never imagine doing today?

Ahh technology. My best friend, but quite possibly, the biggest potential invasive monster in my life. I really need to make sure I am actively not letting technology creep too far into my life and become too invasive in my daily doings. After all, gadgets and gizmos last year after year, but these little children won't always be here.


  1. How true. Can anyone today imagine just sitting in the dark waiting for their baby to fall asleep. And doing nothing else?

  2. The weird thing is that with the 3 older kids, I DID just sit in the dark and do nothing else. And I don't remember thinking a thing of it! It kinda freaks me out, how easily I change...


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