a week "off"

With Dan's new job based out of Springfield, MO, we are entering a whole new season of life with him traveling for work. (He is headed to Haiti next week, and El Salvador two weeks after that!)

This week, he needed to be in Springfield, so we decided to send our older two along with him to spend the week with their grandparents in St. Louis. Ohhh were they ever excited to hear about this idea! 

So a few hours ago I kissed my three big travelers goodbye and shooed them out the door to the airport, leaving me home alone with my 4- and 1- year-olds. For the first half-hour or so, Tristan absolutely did not know what to do with himself. Never in his his life has he been left without at least one of his older best buddies to pal around with! Thankfully he rebounded quickly. 

Hallie will be turning 6 on Wednesday, marking the first time I've been apart from one of my kids on his/her birthday. Mima has great plans, though, and Hallie couldn't be more excited about spending her birthday elsewhere, so I am not worried. (Only for myself. ;)) 

This is also the first week of being home in over two years that I haven't had school to do with Will and/or Hallie. So I am facing a week of being home with two preschoolers?? What could be easier, or more adventuresome! I told Tristan to think of some fun things he'd like to do this week in the mornings since we'll now be free to roam the countryside. His answers? Go to Chuck E. Cheese, the library, Red Robin, Orloski's (the local gas station, to get "treats"), and Knorr's (by the creek, for a picnic). I am happy to say that we plan to do every one of these things this week! And by Friday we will be most ready to welcome our travelers home again. 


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