quiet night... for now

Dan left early this morning for 4 days of traveling for work. The kids and I had a pretty good day... got school done, went for a walk this afternoon (see pic in previous post), built legos and marble chutes... pretty much a typical day. Tristan was sick last night (during the night) but seemed fine today (perhaps due to my insistence that he stick to the BRAT diet)... but either way, he had tons of energy and seemed to have bounced back just fine from his rough night.

When I saw Olivia walking around this morning sipping Gatorade from Tristan's "special" sippy cup, my heart sank. I quickly snagged it from her, but as we all know, the "5 second rule" is pure ridiculousness. So, despite my hoping against hope, it wasn't a great surprise to me when she got sick tonight after dinner... and then again at bedtime. Poor baby. She's never been sick like this before; she was so sad and confused! She's sleeping now, and hopefully she'll sleep all night long. Again, I am hoping against hope here, because Tristan was up about 5x last night... so... the odds for me having a rough night are looking pretty good. *sigh*

But as of right now, I have four sleeping kids, a bunch of clean folded laundry (as well as a bunch more unexpected laundry running through the machines right now) a decently picked-up house and a clean kitchen. I am finally sitting down to watch the news on the OBL developments, and getting to blog while I'm at it. So... not too bad. I may have a different take on it tomorrow morning though, so... stay tuned. ;-)


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