Will the Astronaut

We've never been really into dressing the kids up elaborately for Halloween, but boy do my kids love to play dress up. For some reason, Hallie has always had a plethora of girly dress up clothes-- tutus, princess dresses, tiaras, tulle skirts, etc. My poor boys, when they play dress up with her, look hilarious in the poofy girly get up! I decided something needed to happen stat. After letting Will look through this really cool webpage (with so many really awesome dress-up appropriate options!)  he finally decided on this orange astronaut costume. Originally I ordered a size M (6-8). Will is 7, turning 8 in July, and is pretty average sized, so I thought it should work. After the costume arrived in TWO days (can you say fast shipping?!) we discovered that unfortunately, it was actually pretty small on him. Dreading a complicated and frustrating return/exchange process, I contacted the company and sent the suit back. Imagine my relief when, just a few days later, a size L (8-10) orange astronaut suit arrived after a headache free and seamless return/exchange process. And, imagine Will's delight when it fit him perfectly! 

He loves this outfit. It's already been through the wash once. He has worn it outside playing, out for breakfast, and everywhere in between. It has cool working zippers and real NASA patches sewn on it. He would be happy, I think, to not take it off at all! 

Here is Will with his little cowboy-brother Tristan. (All Tristan has are boots and the hat... he's working on his check-off chart to earn his way to a real cowboy costume!) 


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