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I love summers in Bear Creek. Generally, the days are hot and the nights are cool. We had an attic fan installed a few weeks ago, and I absolutely LOVE the end-of-day routine of switching on the fan and hearing the whoosh as the hot day-air leaves the house and the cooler night-air is sucked in. Lovely.
Zara Phillips, Queen Elizabeth's eldest granddaughter, is getting married this weekend. She was born the same year as me, so I have always sort of "related" to her, although I haven't followed her life very closely at all. When I saw the news headline about her upcoming wedding, I thought, "Wow, how different can two lives be..." Not only is she royalty (and I am clearly not) but she is getting married on a yacht and I'm a SAHM of four. Not that I'd ever trade lives, but a getaway in Scotland and a yacht party sound pretty nice! Ahhh to have the life of the rich and famous...

Actually, I am very happy with my life, but it is always fun to daydream.

I have, ever since I was a kid. Does anyone else do that? Imagine yourself in a different life/time/place and live out *your* day to day life while you're mentally a million miles away? Gah I sound so Anne Shirley. It sure made my teen years a lot more interesting though. I had huge plans for myself. haha!
We have friends visiting from STL, and they're here for another two days. It's always so much fun to host people! I am so grateful to have the space and resources that allow us to be hospitable all summer long! (Other seasons bring visitors too, but summer is definitely the fave.)
Olivia has turned a corner in her sleeping (finally!) and is mostly sleeping straight through the night. Yay for 20 month olds who finally catch a clue! haha. She still gets up once at night occasionally, wanting to nurse... (of course. What Block baby didn't!?) but I would say she is sleeping 5 nights a week, 10-11 hours straight! It's been great!!
I'm sort of mentally gearing up for school next month. Sort of.

Ok, so I'm not. At all.

Next topic!
Hallie and I are reading Heidi together, and I'm reading Treasure Island to Will. I love the alone time with each of them, and they are just eating up the stories, which is sweet as honey to me!
Will and Dan went to 3 days of scout camp last week, and Hallie and Tristan go to three days of nature camp next week! My kids love camp, and I am so happy. I was (am?) such a summer camp kid myself, that I am thrilled they all love it. In another life (when I am not marrying a rugby player on a yacht in Scotland) I will be a camp counselor at a camp on a lake in New England, all summer long, every summer for years and years...
In two weeks we are finally fulfilling my lifelong/every-day dream of going to the shore. My cousins have a place in Longport, NJ, and they graciously invited us to join them for a few days! I am super excited. I love the beach. (Gosh, am I sensing a trend? Why can't my life consist of all things summer, all year long?!) Anyway, I'm stoked. IMO, the Jersey shore is the EPITOME of what summer is all about. And seeing as all the fabulousness of the shore is a mere 2.5  hours away.... yep, I'm on it like hotcakes.
That's it. That's all I got. I'm sure the rest of summer will go blowing by me (and this blog) with little to show for it, but hey, that's life right?? Dinner at the lake tonight, with lots of swimming before and after to be done by all... and maybe a campfire built by scout-man Will. Tonight all the kids will fall into bed... tired, tan, and full of the goodness of summer. I know I will. <3


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