My friend Alison tagged me in a bloggy game! Thanks Alison! Now I get to answer some fun questions and tag a few of you.

What do you think of when you the hear the word tag?
Playing freeze tag, TV tag, or Indian tag as a kid. Apparently we were really into tag. ;)

Do you think you're hot?
My current working theory is that every girl is hot... she just doesn't know it. :) 

Upload a picture or wallpaper that you're using at the moment.

It's a cute picture of Hallie wearing a sunhat. Unfortunately after a cursory look through iPhoto, I can't find it, and am not savvy enough (and do not have enough time) to go searching for the file. Sorry.

When was the last time you ate chicken?

Last night! We grilled chicken, grilled corn and grilled yellow squash. YUM, and Dan does all the grilling, so bonus for me.

The song(s) you listened to recently.
songs from the Walk the Line soundtrack

What were you thinking as you were doing this?
If I'll actually be able to finish this whole thing in one sitting!

Do you have nicknames? What are they?
My sibs are big on nicknames. :0 Tricia, Acwat, Sare, Roz, Sass.... Do mama, mommy, and babe count??

Tag 8 blogger friends...

1. Jenni

2.  Anna

3. Kristin

4. Nichole

5. Ashlie

6. Rachel

7. Amanda

8. Kak

Who's listed as No. 1?

Jenni! My penpal through CEF since... 2nd or 3rd grade I think! We traded letter between Grandview, MO and Bear Creek, PA all through our growing-up years, and we finally met in person after I married and moved to MO. She recently had her first baby and has started a fun blog about all things domestic! :)

Say something about No. 5
Ashlie.... we met in the Philly airport on our way to Ethiopia. I have a special place in my heart for all the mamas I met in ET last summer.  <3

How did you get to know No. 3?
She is my cousin. She's one of 11 and I'm one of 9. Our family get-togethers growing up were always a blast, although in retrospect, they were probably a ton of work for our parents, and we kids were just too oblivious and intent on having fun together to notice. :)

How about No. 4?
Nichole was my very first friend in MO! Her husband Brian and Dan went to school together as kids and have a long history of causing trouble together, one that continues to this day. ;) When I lived in MO, Nichole and I would get together for marathon scrapbooking nights, complete with girl-talk and snacks (usually candy- my fave.) Scrapbooking by myself in PA is not nearly as motivating.

Leave a message for No. 6.

You better walk with me on Sunday!! ;)

Leave a lovey dovey message for No. 2.
Anna, you are sweet, smart, and motivated. I am so happy that you are my sister and can't wait to see where God takes you in life! I know Honduras this fall is going to be a blast! :)

Do No. 7 and No. 8 have any similarities?

Amanda and Kak.... hmm..... they both love to laugh! And they both love someone who's been adopted into their lives. And I love them both! :)

Tag to you, bloggy friends!!


  1. Ah, I will have to do this soon! :)

  2. Great answers, Sarah! Had fun reading them. Thanks for playing. :-)


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