new pics and a new pet :)

I decided my old pictures on this blog were in dire need of updating, so I did it. :) Sad to say, I don't have a new entire-family picture, or one of just Dan and me to update with! I will have to work on that.

Will got his long-desired cat today, Rosie. She was a stray at our friends' house, so we offered to take her. She's small and friendly, and she ate a whole can of tuna tonight. Needless to say, Will is beyond thrilled to be a pet owner, and spent most of the evening pulling a rock on a string around the yard for Rosie to pounce on and chase after. I guess I will have to get my act together and go get some cat food and ... what?! Toys? I guess a vet visit is in order. Ugh. Don't rain on my parade. ;) Hopefully she will turn into a great family pet!

Dan is in Haiti till Tuesday so I'm single-momming it. Not too much planned for while he's gone but I hope to get the rest of my school prep done, some scrapbooking, and maybe watch a chick flick one night. :)


  1. I LOVE your new blog pics! Captures each of them so well. Looking at these pics makes me think, really, I don't know how it's possible to have SUCH beautiful children. I know it's easy to forget in the day-to-day routines, but you must just look at them sometimes and can hardly believe God gave you such a gift.

    Can you tell I miss them?? :)


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