Tristan-Spiderman is awesome!

Earlier this summer, flipping through a magazine, Tristan spotted a lego set that he really wanted--it was about $25. So I made a checklist for him, 25 boxes in three columns, and told him that each time he did an extra job for me, he could check off one box. Well here we are three months later, and he finally got that last box marked off! In the meantime, however, he decided that instead of a lego set, he wanted a dress-up outfit! So I went to this great website and let Tristan pick out his very favorite super-hero outfit. He chose Spiderman, and just two days later, a package showed up on our doorstep and moments later, Tristan was transformed into the very cool SpiderMan himself. :)

Side note: I was so thankful that I'd ordered a size bigger-- a M (6-8) (although Tristan is only 4 and he should be on the small side of the size S (4-6!)) thanks to my experience with Will's astronaut outfit earlier this year, I know that costumes usually run small!

He has worn this outfit for the past two days straight, and even slept in it last night. I made him take it off tonight-- the kid was a sweat-ball after running around at a birthday party in it all night-- but he has it hanging and ready to go for tomorrow. Yesterday, he and Will were "fighting" and Will told Tristan that he thinks Tristan really *is* stronger with his Spiderman costume on. Well of course that just pumped Tristan's little ego right up and now he runs around karate-kicking and sword-chopping and web-shooting with all the extra-strength-energy he can muster. He is very adorable, and it is so cute to see him loving life inside his super-hero suit.

(showing off his extra-strong muscles) :)


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