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life is chugging along

There is so much to say, I don't even know how to begin. I try to start to write a coherent post and my brian starts firing in a million directions. Hence the tagline on this blog, I suppose.

A few talking points:

:: Rosie the cat is the best pet ever. The kids love her and Will faithfully takes care of her.
:: We got the top of our driveway paved yesterday and the the kids are LOVING riding their bikes on it!
:: Olivia is talking our ears off, all day long. Her vocabulary is cRaZy big for a not-yet-2-year-old!
:: When the kids were sick last week, I got our my card-making supplies as a fun project. I got more into it than they did and am still having fun making cards for special occasions that have been happening lately.
:: I am still using my laundry system and loving it. Who knew laundry could be so painless?
:: Will is back into cub scouts and is loving it.
:: Hallie is starting gymnastics class soon and she is super excited!
:: I made a wall organizer for the craft area of my…

Growing pains

I want to be less melancholy that my kids are getting older. Growing up. I want to be thankful that they are healthy and happy and safe.
I want to fully live in the moment of the time we've been given. Who knows when a day will be our last? I hope and pray it is far far away, but nothing is a given and aching for the past only insults the present.
I want to OWN every minute of my days with a grateful heart and open hands. The future is a glorious thing but today is what we've been given and today is all we have.
Be grateful.