life is chugging along

There is so much to say, I don't even know how to begin. I try to start to write a coherent post and my brian starts firing in a million directions. Hence the tagline on this blog, I suppose.

A few talking points:

:: Rosie the cat is the best pet ever. The kids love her and Will faithfully takes care of her.
:: We got the top of our driveway paved yesterday and the the kids are LOVING riding their bikes on it!
:: Olivia is talking our ears off, all day long. Her vocabulary is cRaZy big for a not-yet-2-year-old!
:: When the kids were sick last week, I got our my card-making supplies as a fun project. I got more into it than they did and am still having fun making cards for special occasions that have been happening lately.
:: I am still using my laundry system and loving it. Who knew laundry could be so painless?
:: Will is back into cub scouts and is loving it.
:: Hallie is starting gymnastics class soon and she is super excited!
:: I made a wall organizer for the craft area of my laundry room with some leftover fabric from some pillows my MIL recovered for me a few years ago. It holds scissors and colored pencils and other goodies. It makes me happy when I see it.
:: I started a new chore system with the kids, and I love it (and they love the prize they get to pick at the end of the week if all jobs have been done with a good attitude. :))  They are becoming more responsible, which is awesome!
:: I am going on a getaway for my 30th birthday with my SIL (who also recently turned 30) next week and I am super excited, but also nervous. I've never left the kids overnight with Dan before. I am sure they will have a better time with him than they do with me though! haha
:: I decided to go back to school to finish my degree. I am starting by studying for some CLEP exams and I hope to be finished with it all in two years! That's the plan anyway...
:: I love pinterest. I have found so many goodies on there lately! I made cheddar broccoli soup from a recipe I found there yesterday, and it was a huge hit. Yay for successful veggie disguises, haha.
:: I would keep this train-of-thought post going but I have laundry to fold. :)


  1. Sounds like life is going great! So glad to hear... Can you believe we are turning 30 this year?!? Wow. I don't feel that old. haha (At least we don't look it, right?) lol

    FYI- I will be linking to your laundry system post in the near future since I used your idea to figure out my system. :)

  2. I love reading about your life and miss spending time with all of you. Thanks for the updates. I hope you and Duke had a blast in Sani!!! xx


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