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:: We're a family of 7! Christina joined our family early last month. She's 16 and I am over my head playing catch up in the world of public high schools, girl drama, BOY drama, lil Wayne posters and messy bedrooms. Welcome to the world of parenting a teenager I guess. :) Last Sunday's message was SUCH A GREAT REMINDER to love people. People who don't look like us, talk like us, act like us, think like us. Jesus did. And God can be changing someone on the inside before there is any evidence of those changes of the outside. Jesus didn't wait for me to my act together before he loved me unconditionally. Why should I do be any different? She is really a very sweet girl and I am thankful for her being around, especially when Dan is gone travelling for work.

:: I turned 30 yesterday. Goodbye 20's. Hello downhill slide to 40! I hope in this next decade I learn to fully embrace who I am. Every part-- the good the bad, the ugly, the uncomfortable and the stretching. I …