Monday, May 23, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Will the Astronaut

We've never been really into dressing the kids up elaborately for Halloween, but boy do my kids love to play dress up. For some reason, Hallie has always had a plethora of girly dress up clothes-- tutus, princess dresses, tiaras, tulle skirts, etc. My poor boys, when they play dress up with her, look hilarious in the poofy girly get up! I decided something needed to happen stat. After letting Will look through this really cool webpage (with so many really awesome dress-up appropriate options!)  he finally decided on this orange astronaut costume. Originally I ordered a size M (6-8). Will is 7, turning 8 in July, and is pretty average sized, so I thought it should work. After the costume arrived in TWO days (can you say fast shipping?!) we discovered that unfortunately, it was actually pretty small on him. Dreading a complicated and frustrating return/exchange process, I contacted the company and sent the suit back. Imagine my relief when, just a few days later, a size L (8-10) orange astronaut suit arrived after a headache free and seamless return/exchange process. And, imagine Will's delight when it fit him perfectly! 

He loves this outfit. It's already been through the wash once. He has worn it outside playing, out for breakfast, and everywhere in between. It has cool working zippers and real NASA patches sewn on it. He would be happy, I think, to not take it off at all! 

Here is Will with his little cowboy-brother Tristan. (All Tristan has are boots and the hat... he's working on his check-off chart to earn his way to a real cowboy costume!) 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Review: Radical by David Platt

Radical, by David Platt, is one of the most talked about books in Christian circles right now. I have been asked by several people if I've read Radical. Somewhat overlapping Francis Chan's Crazy Love, Platt's popular book calls Americans to reevaluate their lives and see where they can be more committed to serving the poor and giving of their resources, time and money. These are all great concepts and ideals, and the book overall is definitely worth reading. However, a few "problems" with Radical have been widely raised, and I feel they are worth mentioning here.

First, Platt wants to peg the American Dream as the cause of the faith crisis in America. The American dream is "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and I personally don't think there is an inherent problem with that. Americans are known worldwide for being GENEROUS. Look at any crisis, anywhere in the world, and who is the first to respond with generous offers of aid? America.

Secondly, Platt's view of materialism bothers me. Of course I am aware that materialism is an issue, but it is NOT just a "rich people's" issue! Poor people can be taken in just as thoroughly with materialism as the upper class, and this (actually sin in general!) sin is not a rich people problem. It is a HUMAN problem, and it should be addressed as such.

In summary, I appreciated Platt's call to action for Christians to get off the fence and DO SOMETHING to further God's kingdom. I think that is a much needed call! However I don't think that overseas missions should be the thing so strongly pushed here, as work for God can be done anywhere, at any time, in any place. It's the heart attitude that counts, and if you are seeking to honor God through your labors, then He will honor that!

Monday, May 2, 2011

quiet night... for now

Dan left early this morning for 4 days of traveling for work. The kids and I had a pretty good day... got school done, went for a walk this afternoon (see pic in previous post), built legos and marble chutes... pretty much a typical day. Tristan was sick last night (during the night) but seemed fine today (perhaps due to my insistence that he stick to the BRAT diet)... but either way, he had tons of energy and seemed to have bounced back just fine from his rough night.

When I saw Olivia walking around this morning sipping Gatorade from Tristan's "special" sippy cup, my heart sank. I quickly snagged it from her, but as we all know, the "5 second rule" is pure ridiculousness. So, despite my hoping against hope, it wasn't a great surprise to me when she got sick tonight after dinner... and then again at bedtime. Poor baby. She's never been sick like this before; she was so sad and confused! She's sleeping now, and hopefully she'll sleep all night long. Again, I am hoping against hope here, because Tristan was up about 5x last night... so... the odds for me having a rough night are looking pretty good. *sigh*

But as of right now, I have four sleeping kids, a bunch of clean folded laundry (as well as a bunch more unexpected laundry running through the machines right now) a decently picked-up house and a clean kitchen. I am finally sitting down to watch the news on the OBL developments, and getting to blog while I'm at it. So... not too bad. I may have a different take on it tomorrow morning though, so... stay tuned. ;-)

Spring Afternoon at the Culvert