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Happy Saturday :)

just life

summer is officially drawing to an end, but we are still enjoying squeezing the last few warm days out of it. thanks to homeschooling for being flexible enough to start early (we're already a month in!) and yet we still have time enjoy picnic lunches at the lake, and stargazing at night when the kiddos probably should be in bed... but really, in the long run, doesn't stargazing in the driveway under a pile of blankets with your wiggly and cozy siblings win out every time? yep. and the stars are just so gorgeous. totally worth the later bedtime and the scrambling the next morning to get everything tidied back up from the mad blanket and pillow rush the night before.

i'm in full school mode myself now. after a year of CLEPping out of classes (i got nearly 40 credits!) i'm having to buckle down and actually take real classes again. *sigh* it's not actually as bad as it might seem, thanks in big part to a couple factors. i'm an english major and all my remaining cl…

last days of summer

This has been a month of travels for our family! While Dan trekked to Haiti and Israel, the kids and I travelled to Boston and Cape May. I met up with friends in Colorado for a girls weekend, and spent a week visiting my family in North Carolina. Now we are going camping in New Hampshire in a few weeks and I think that will call an end to it!

I love love love traveling (and summer) so this has been a fun time all around. I have to say though, as the kids and have been doing back-to-school shopping (what, you thought homeschoolers didn't get sucked into buying new pencils and notebooks?! ha!) and sorting through our curriculum and preparing my lesson plans, I'm excited to start a new year. I will have 3rd, 2nd and K this year! Crazy! The kids are begging to start already. I'm putting it off for another week at least!

We have had a full summer of fun and are (almost) ready to get back into chore charts and school schedules.


i heart summer

sleeping in (till 8am ;))

lake days with friends
impromptu camping trips
lazy afternoons reading books in the yard on blankets
evening walks with friends
catching newts in the lake
playing "have you ever" with neighbor kids and laughing as we all jump sky-high off the dock into the summer sun behind the lake
library trips
reading, reading, reading ...  (current favorites: Encyclopedia Brown and Little House in the Big Woods)
soaking up the warm sun, slower schedules, and the love of family and friends
summer is my BF and always will be <3


What to do when Daddy's been gone for 6 days and everyone is just miserable waiting for him to get back? Take a roadtrip of course!

We spent a night in Philly playing with cute squishy baby cousins and a day at the beach and boardwalk in Ocean City playing mini golf, riding bikes, and eating curly fries and water ice. I love love love the beach and am determined my kids will grow up loving it too! :)

PB Dip Recipe

Today Hallie turned 7 and I let her pick our plans for the day. They included a picnic at a nearby beach area, so for a special treat, I made this dip to go with our apple slices. Super yummy and easy!

Clean Eating Peanut Butter Fruit Dip
1/2 cup peanut butter (I used Smucker's natural chunky)
1/2 cup non-fat Greek yogurt (didn't have greek; used regular)
2 tbsp. honey
1/4 cup non-fat milk (omitted completely)
2 tbsp. flax or chia seeds (I used flax) Whisk everything together until you have a smooth, creamy dip. Serve with fruit such as apples or strawberries. 
Delish! :)

life is good...

...and then it gets better! this was the email address of a friend of mine in STL. it's pretty long to type, but what a great reminder, every time you write your email address!

life has been good lately. busy but really good! i hardly miss facebook at all, and after i switched to blogging like a fiend to make up for it, i quickly re-fell off that bandwagon to the depths of no-social-media-ness. well except for words with friends. that i will never give up. ;)

i've been studying for my school and passing tests (i'm officially a senior now, woot woot!) and homeschooling my 1st and 2nd graders and sewing (i've finally finished a quilt i've been "working on" for about 6-ish years) and gardening (yes you read that right! all my beds are weeded and tilled!) and playing wiffle-ball with the kiddos and doing taxes and eating pints of ice cream (while doing said taxes-- it's the only way i talk myself into doing them!) and ... let's see... oh we're get…

In the last few days...

I went to Philly on Saturday and got my nose pierced. Never underestimate the power of a girls day out! :D

Hallie lost her 6th tooth and daddy the tooth fairy pulled through! Madeleine (the tooth fairy) has been less than consistent in lost-teeth-past (thanks to mama's memory.)

In Philly I went to Max Brenner's chocolate restaurant and had marshmallow-y hot milk chocolate from a "hug mug". My life is so much better having experienced that amazingness.

My wonderful in-laws left today after a week-long visit. I am so blessed to have the best in-laws ever! Seriously, you think yours are great; you have nothing on mine. My mother-in-law painted this for me while they were here, and it's hanging on our bedroom wall. Isn't it gorgeous?! I love it!!!

Having been off facebook for an eternity, I have picked up a new social medium addiction: Instagram. Follow me (mamasarah4) for on-the-go pics of my life! I love it-- I'm a pretty bad photographer, but Instagram ma…

Where's Will?

Oh, that's right, the same place he's been every spare minute for the last 4 days!

Necessity is the mother of invention

alternately titled: One Mom's War against Germs ;)
Livi got a cold last week. No fever, nothing crazy, just a lil drippy faced tired baby. 
When one of the kids gets sick I usually really clamp down on the sharing... no one drinks after, eats after, shares licks of anything, etc. etc. until said sick kid is better. Well a few days into Liv being sick, Will started getting the same symptoms. Now they're all down with it. GAH. 
I started tracking where the heck their germs could have been shared. (And yes, I know living/being together all day every day isn't helping my case here. It just helps me feel better to feel like I'm making a difference somehow.) Anyway, much to my dismay, I realized what was the culprit! Brushing teeth! Every night, all 4 kids brush using the same (not toothbrushes, I'm not that gross) tube of toothpaste, and use the same handtowel at the sink! No wonder they all are getting sick! How dumb of me.
So today after church, we made a stop at Wal…

Last Saturday...

we went to the opening night of the Philadelphia Flower Show. The theme was "Hawaii" and it was, as it is every year, a totally fab night!! :) I highly recommend the show, and it's free to the public every first week of March. It's an amazing experience!
Here are l-r, Kelsey (Jon's gf), friend Alezah, soon-to-be-16 (!!) Abby and me.

Dan and me <3

KONY 2012


because we all agree that where you live should not determine whether you live.

Hiking with friends...

on this glorious spring-like day!

dinner tonight

dan is a big steak lover. i am not, although i do enjoy them when he makes them. i just don't crave them and/or love them like he does.

anyway, every few weeks dan decides he wants to have steaks. so we stop at the butcher on the way home from church, and dan goes in and selects our steaks. the butcher is an old, cranky guy whose shop has been around since the 70's. apparently he likes dan though. so then later on, dan does his marinade thing, and the steaks sit in the fridge for a day or two. on the night we have steaks, i always feel like i should up my game with the sides. tonight we're having dan's famously awesome blue-cheese-crumble-topped steaks, and i'm making steamed asparagus, beer bread, sweet potatoes and orzo in cheese sauce. i'm excited to eat tonight. :)

in which i admit my technology addiction

i recently gave up facebook for lent, and apparently giving up facebook is what causes me to blog. (i did this last with the same results as well.)


i'm not sure why i feel the need to communicate with the great big world via technology, but for some reason i do. i also realized the other day while poking around the settings on my (heretofore little-used) blog that 41 people are following me, and (allegedly) reading every word i put out there.

that's a little strange. i have a lot of friends of facebook and i'm always careful of what i put on there because of that fact. i'm a lot less filtered and a lot more rambly on here. not sure if that's a good thing or bad. :)

in other news, my book club met last night and discussed book one of the hunger games series. i am not ashamed to say i was/ am a big fan. i've heard from a few people that the series goes downhill from here, which is a little disappointing, although not surprising. most books series do, in my o…

happy saturday!



i'm home alone tonight. well sort of. dan's been asleep since 7-- after 28 hours traveling home from the philippines, he ate, showered and crashed.

the kids are all at a kids church event with a friend and my sister abby. my other sibs have all migrated south for the next few months already.

the kids and i spent 5 days in kansas city visiting my sister-in-law and her family. it was great, possibly the best thing i've done so far this year.

tomorrow dan and i head to philly for the flower show black tie event-- always a fun (and fragrant!) evening.

livi has a cold. she catches them more easily than the other kids-- but i don't know if it's genetics or age-- i feel like the older the kids get, the more infrequently they get sick. [shrugs] she's a little trooper though, and blows her nose like a champ, so i'm not complaining.

i have two big(ish) windchimes hanging from my back porch, and on windy nights like tonight i can hear them clearly inside, even with al…

our little crew of adoptees...

cause at the end of the day... yep, we're all adopted <3


it's about the time for me to decide what i want my college major to be.

thus far i have been waffling between psychology, english, and history.

i thoroughly enjoy all three of these disciplines, (as well as many others).

last month, i mentioned my dilemma to a family member. being a history major himself, he encouraged me: "oh, definitely go for history! keep it in the family." followed by a fist bump. so then and there i decided i would major in history. last week i mentioned the issue again to another family member who said "oh wow! i totally pegged you as an english major. i would go for english if i were you." and then a third family member asked me a few days later, "you're majoring in psychology, right?"

:: sigh ::

if only i were better about making up my own mind instead of allowing the opinions of people (who i love, and whose opinions i respect) push me this way and that!

after thinking on it for most of the past few days ("d-day&qu…
what do i have, if i don't have you jesus?
what in this life could mean any more?
you are my rock
you are my glory

you are the lifter of my head