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our little crew of adoptees...

cause at the end of the day... yep, we're all adopted <3


it's about the time for me to decide what i want my college major to be.

thus far i have been waffling between psychology, english, and history.

i thoroughly enjoy all three of these disciplines, (as well as many others).

last month, i mentioned my dilemma to a family member. being a history major himself, he encouraged me: "oh, definitely go for history! keep it in the family." followed by a fist bump. so then and there i decided i would major in history. last week i mentioned the issue again to another family member who said "oh wow! i totally pegged you as an english major. i would go for english if i were you." and then a third family member asked me a few days later, "you're majoring in psychology, right?"

:: sigh ::

if only i were better about making up my own mind instead of allowing the opinions of people (who i love, and whose opinions i respect) push me this way and that!

after thinking on it for most of the past few days ("d-day&qu…