it's about the time for me to decide what i want my college major to be.

thus far i have been waffling between psychology, english, and history.

i thoroughly enjoy all three of these disciplines, (as well as many others).

last month, i mentioned my dilemma to a family member. being a history major himself, he encouraged me: "oh, definitely go for history! keep it in the family." followed by a fist bump. so then and there i decided i would major in history. last week i mentioned the issue again to another family member who said "oh wow! i totally pegged you as an english major. i would go for english if i were you." and then a third family member asked me a few days later, "you're majoring in psychology, right?"

:: sigh ::

if only i were better about making up my own mind instead of allowing the opinions of people (who i love, and whose opinions i respect) push me this way and that!

after thinking on it for most of the past few days ("d-day" for my decision is tuesday) i am about 90% sure i am going for english. because at the end of the day, although i find history fascinating and psychology intriguing, what i love, is english in its purest forms.

word etymology.
spelling variations.
etc etc etc! 

i actually bought a "modern" dictionary a few years ago, just for the fun of it, and happily read my way right through it.

so that right there tells me i am, at heart, an english major.
we'll see if my decision sticks till tuesday. :)


  1. "because at the end of the day...what i love, is english in its purest forms"

    you speak truth. This is the Sarah I know. But, don't let this family member sway you. You know you. Pick what gives you peace, passion, and enjoyment when you are alone, not when your family pegs you one way or another. You can do anything in my eyes and you will rock at it.

  2. English is a good choice ;) I agree with Emily that you'll excel at whatever you decide!

    Love the "adopted" t-shirts, too. Super cute!

  3. english it is! :) it just felt right. plus, i get to take courses like one called "one writer's vision: jane austen" and (re)read three of her books. can't complain about that! :)


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