Necessity is the mother of invention

alternately titled: One Mom's War against Germs ;)

Livi got a cold last week. No fever, nothing crazy, just a lil drippy faced tired baby. 

When one of the kids gets sick I usually really clamp down on the sharing... no one drinks after, eats after, shares licks of anything, etc. etc. until said sick kid is better. Well a few days into Liv being sick, Will started getting the same symptoms. Now they're all down with it. GAH. 

I started tracking where the heck their germs could have been shared. (And yes, I know living/being together all day every day isn't helping my case here. It just helps me feel better to feel like I'm making a difference somehow.) Anyway, much to my dismay, I realized what was the culprit! Brushing teeth! Every night, all 4 kids brush using the same (not toothbrushes, I'm not that gross) tube of toothpaste, and use the same handtowel at the sink! No wonder they all are getting sick! How dumb of me.

So today after church, we made a stop at Wal*Mart and I let the kids each pick out two matching handtowels and their very own tube of toothpaste. This was cause for much excitement and jumping up and down in aisles. 

This afternoon I sewed a piece of quilt binding together, then sewed a small loop onto each handtowel. (My kids can't be the only ones who are towel-hanging-challenged... right?!) So now it's foolproof. 

I got three (they only had three left) magic-sticky-hook-things and stuck them to the wall behind the bathroom door and, voila! Each kids now has their own germ-containing towel. And since they got two towels each, when one is in the laundry, the other will be hanging (I headed that problem off at the pass, thank you very much.) (And as soon as I get back to that dreaded establishment, I will be picking up a fourth hook so Livi can join the lineup with "da guys" as she likes to say.)

The final touch to my awesome germ-crushing plan is the cups. I got them at the end of last summer on clearance (yes, I think also at Wal*Mart) and I let each kid pick one from my stash (not necessarily coordinating with their towel... that would have been a good thought though, eh?)

So now the kids each stash their own toothbrush and their own toothpaste in their own cup. And they use their own towel. I feel like a genius! I don't know why it's taken me this long to figure this one out.

Now we will see at the next go-round of colds if anyone doesn't catch one. If so, I am so taking all the credit. :)


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