dinner tonight

dan is a big steak lover. i am not, although i do enjoy them when he makes them. i just don't crave them and/or love them like he does.

anyway, every few weeks dan decides he wants to have steaks. so we stop at the butcher on the way home from church, and dan goes in and selects our steaks. the butcher is an old, cranky guy whose shop has been around since the 70's. apparently he likes dan though. so then later on, dan does his marinade thing, and the steaks sit in the fridge for a day or two. on the night we have steaks, i always feel like i should up my game with the sides. tonight we're having dan's famously awesome blue-cheese-crumble-topped steaks, and i'm making steamed asparagus, beer bread, sweet potatoes and orzo in cheese sauce. i'm excited to eat tonight. :)


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