i'm home alone tonight. well sort of. dan's been asleep since 7-- after 28 hours traveling home from the philippines, he ate, showered and crashed.

the kids are all at a kids church event with a friend and my sister abby. my other sibs have all migrated south for the next few months already.

the kids and i spent 5 days in kansas city visiting my sister-in-law and her family. it was great, possibly the best thing i've done so far this year.

tomorrow dan and i head to philly for the flower show black tie event-- always a fun (and fragrant!) evening.

livi has a cold. she catches them more easily than the other kids-- but i don't know if it's genetics or age-- i feel like the older the kids get, the more infrequently they get sick. [shrugs] she's a little trooper though, and blows her nose like a champ, so i'm not complaining.

i have two big(ish) windchimes hanging from my back porch, and on windy nights like tonight i can hear them clearly inside, even with all the windows and doors shut. it's lovely and peaceful, and reminds me of redeeming love, when angel smashes michael's dreams, yet he goes outside and builds her windchimes. love that book. perhaps it's time to dig it out for a re-read. if you haven't read it, you should.

i have (in the last 5 months) finished 18 credits of work towards my bachelor's in english (yes, it's officially in english!) but have a ton more to go. i'm officially a junior, but sometimes i feel overwhelmed and swamped and panicky, wondering when in the heck i will ever be done! but mostly i just keep plugging along. it's easier for me to just "do the next thing" and then i will hopefully look up one day and see that i'm at the finish line.

i miss my sisters in rwanda and honduras. i haven't seen them in way too long. being grown-up and having real jobs is no fun sometimes.

i have the lyrics to "if i die young" running through my head. i love the melody but its such a sad song. perhaps that is why i'm feeling so melancholy tonight.

that and the windchimes. <3


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