in which i admit my technology addiction

i recently gave up facebook for lent, and apparently giving up facebook is what causes me to blog. (i did this last with the same results as well.)


i'm not sure why i feel the need to communicate with the great big world via technology, but for some reason i do. i also realized the other day while poking around the settings on my (heretofore little-used) blog that 41 people are following me, and (allegedly) reading every word i put out there.

that's a little strange. i have a lot of friends of facebook and i'm always careful of what i put on there because of that fact. i'm a lot less filtered and a lot more rambly on here. not sure if that's a good thing or bad. :)

in other news, my book club met last night and discussed book one of the hunger games series. i am not ashamed to say i was/ am a big fan. i've heard from a few people that the series goes downhill from here, which is a little disappointing, although not surprising. most books series do, in my opinion. although now that i say that, two series pop to mind (liz curtis higgs' lowlands of scotland and francine rivers'  mark of the lion) in both of which, the third and last book in the series is my favorite. so there you go: i just disproved my own point before i even got to make it. :)


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