life is good...

...and then it gets better! this was the email address of a friend of mine in STL. it's pretty long to type, but what a great reminder, every time you write your email address!

life has been good lately. busy but really good! i hardly miss facebook at all, and after i switched to blogging like a fiend to make up for it, i quickly re-fell off that bandwagon to the depths of no-social-media-ness. well except for words with friends. that i will never give up. ;)

i've been studying for my school and passing tests (i'm officially a senior now, woot woot!) and homeschooling my 1st and 2nd graders and sewing (i've finally finished a quilt i've been "working on" for about 6-ish years) and gardening (yes you read that right! all my beds are weeded and tilled!) and playing wiffle-ball with the kiddos and doing taxes and eating pints of ice cream (while doing said taxes-- it's the only way i talk myself into doing them!) and ... let's see... oh we're getting a puppy next weekend! he's a tri-color male springer, just like my first dog Tucker (who was the best dog ever) and i'm hoping to replicate that with this little guy. we'll see. i might be crazy but hey, you never know till you try!

earlier today i asked hallie is she wanted to play soccer this fall. she responded "no, i want to do gymnastics." i replied, "well, i know. but you could do both!" she flatly stated "no" and walked away. how can this child be genetically mine?! haha. she did just get moved up to the pre-competitive team for next session so i can't complain.

dan's in oklahoma/missouri till late tonight. sunday we head to florida to meet up with my whole family for 4 days! i'm soooo excited!! i haven't seen my sister emily since last june, and anna since new years! the rest of them have been gone since the end of feb., and we are all very excited to see everyone! i love family times. :)

guess that's about it. the kids (all of whom i kicked outside awhile ago) are all clamoring for me to come "do something" with them so i think i will. it's a gorgeous day (if a little chilly) and i love nothing more than playing outside! my next goal is to get a basketball hoop so i can teach the kids to play PIG and around the world. it's been way too long since i've had a hoop to shoot!

have a great easter everyone! i'm sure i won't be checking back in for awhile, but that's good right? that means i'm out being a mama and doing what i'm supposed to do. <3

remember, life is good but then it gets better!



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