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last days of summer

This has been a month of travels for our family! While Dan trekked to Haiti and Israel, the kids and I travelled to Boston and Cape May. I met up with friends in Colorado for a girls weekend, and spent a week visiting my family in North Carolina. Now we are going camping in New Hampshire in a few weeks and I think that will call an end to it!

I love love love traveling (and summer) so this has been a fun time all around. I have to say though, as the kids and have been doing back-to-school shopping (what, you thought homeschoolers didn't get sucked into buying new pencils and notebooks?! ha!) and sorting through our curriculum and preparing my lesson plans, I'm excited to start a new year. I will have 3rd, 2nd and K this year! Crazy! The kids are begging to start already. I'm putting it off for another week at least!

We have had a full summer of fun and are (almost) ready to get back into chore charts and school schedules.