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just life

summer is officially drawing to an end, but we are still enjoying squeezing the last few warm days out of it. thanks to homeschooling for being flexible enough to start early (we're already a month in!) and yet we still have time enjoy picnic lunches at the lake, and stargazing at night when the kiddos probably should be in bed... but really, in the long run, doesn't stargazing in the driveway under a pile of blankets with your wiggly and cozy siblings win out every time? yep. and the stars are just so gorgeous. totally worth the later bedtime and the scrambling the next morning to get everything tidied back up from the mad blanket and pillow rush the night before.

i'm in full school mode myself now. after a year of CLEPping out of classes (i got nearly 40 credits!) i'm having to buckle down and actually take real classes again. *sigh* it's not actually as bad as it might seem, thanks in big part to a couple factors. i'm an english major and all my remaining cl…