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summer is officially drawing to an end, but we are still enjoying squeezing the last few warm days out of it. thanks to homeschooling for being flexible enough to start early (we're already a month in!) and yet we still have time enjoy picnic lunches at the lake, and stargazing at night when the kiddos probably should be in bed... but really, in the long run, doesn't stargazing in the driveway under a pile of blankets with your wiggly and cozy siblings win out every time? yep. and the stars are just so gorgeous. totally worth the later bedtime and the scrambling the next morning to get everything tidied back up from the mad blanket and pillow rush the night before.

i'm in full school mode myself now. after a year of CLEPping out of classes (i got nearly 40 credits!) i'm having to buckle down and actually take real classes again. *sigh* it's not actually as bad as it might seem, thanks in big part to a couple factors. i'm an english major and all my remaining classes are english and literature classes. all i do is write. essays, book evaluations, reflections, etc. etc. i somehow (thank you, thank you GOD) have a natural knack for pumping out writing. the words almost jump on to the page of their own volition. so that's a huge thing going for me. the other nice thing is that when dan travels, i have nights to myself. i "schedule" from 10-12 every night as homework time, and so far have had no trouble getting all my assignments turned in on time. (however, i'm only 1/3 the way done this session... i hope i'm not jinxing myself. ;)) i'm only taking 2 classes at a time (with the exception of one extra class i've got to squeeze in somewhere, somehow) and i hope to be finished by june. i'm kind of in the home stretch... but not really. haha.

i'm kind of a bad blogger. i wish i could more naturally fit blogging into my life but... nope. it just doesn't ever seem to happen, and honestly, i'm ok with that. i'm all about trying to be content with who i am and what i do AND what i don't do.

dan got a new job working for the state and he starts oct. 1. he will be commuting to norristown every day for at least the first year (1.5 - 2 hrs. each way). my dream is that we'll decide to rent a loft in downtown philly and we can do city life for the year he's there and just come home on weekends. we'll see what happens.

we went camping in new hampshire over labor day. we saw lots of lovely family and had just the best time. i love the great outdoors and am even more committed to my dream of being a legit backpacker one day. (does subscribing to backpacker magazine make me slightly more so? i say yes.)

will is playing soccer again and hallie is still in gymnastics. olivia is struggling with potty training regression/laziness but she steadfastly maintains every day that she will not wear pull-ups, only underwear. she practices "pu-nastics" every day with hallie, usually on dan's and my bed. she thinks she is every bit as good as her big sis. hallie continues to be a rock-star sister, encouraging and helping livi with her technique.

tristan is on a pirate kick right now. every day he comes downstairs wearing his red lego ninjago shirt (if i haven't secreted it away to the laundry) and a black and white pirate bandana tied on his head. i'm pretty sure he believes he is a real pirate, so look out if you come to stay the night. ;)

i'm so thankful for my life. i'm so blessed to be able to do what i do and be who i am, married to who i am, with the family that i have (even if they are all scattered all across the country and globe.) Jesus is so good to me. even when the going gets rough (and you know it does for every single one of us) He is such a solid rock to lean on, a shelter in the storm, and a firm foundation to cling to. i love that.

the kids and i pray every night for their baby cousin norah to come home soon. she is in an orphanage in haiti, waiting to be cleared to travel. it's been 9 months of waiting, and i know all too well the helpless feeling that waiting-for-your-far-off-baby brings. my heart is often heavy for this sweet baby and her family here: a mom, dad, 2 big brothers and a sister who i know are desperately wishing and praying for her speedy journey home... pray with us that she will soon be cleared and joined with her forever family. adoption is such an amazing, stretching, growing, thrilling process, but sometimes it is just plain hard, especially when little human lives are ticking by due to broken societies and governments.

well that's it from me tonight. i will likely be checking in in another few months. ;) get out there and enjoy these last days (or weeks?!) of gorgeous weather while you can!


  1. Sarah, I was just thinking about you this evening! So glad I saw that you updated... I always enjoy reading about your family and how God is working in your life. :)


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