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end of a chapter...

Today I started my final class for the English BA I've been working on (off and on) for the past 12 years.

I can't believe today is finally here.

I still have 3 months of classwork (and two gargantuan papers) ahead of me. I estimate I have roughly 55 pages of research papers to write with lots of "little" 3-5 page papers sprinkled liberally every week or two for the next few months.

I am thrilled to be this close to the finish line but to be honest, it all feels a little overwhelming and daunting. Where am I ever going to find the time for that much research and writing? I do have a life after all... what did I get myself into? But then... I remind myself I've come this far... 10:00 - midnight has been good to me for for seven months running and I have no reason to believe that will change now. One step at a time, one deadline met after another and I will suddenly find myself the recipient of a crisp diploma. At least that is the plan! (With lots of coffee and En…