end of a chapter...

Today I started my final class for the English BA I've been working on (off and on) for the past 12 years.

I can't believe today is finally here.

I still have 3 months of classwork (and two gargantuan papers) ahead of me. I estimate I have roughly 55 pages of research papers to write with lots of "little" 3-5 page papers sprinkled liberally every week or two for the next few months.

I am thrilled to be this close to the finish line but to be honest, it all feels a little overwhelming and daunting. Where am I ever going to find the time for that much research and writing? I do have a life after all... what did I get myself into? But then... I remind myself I've come this far... 10:00 - midnight has been good to me for for seven months running and I have no reason to believe that will change now. One step at a time, one deadline met after another and I will suddenly find myself the recipient of a crisp diploma. At least that is the plan! (With lots of coffee and English Breakfast tea in the mornings to get me moving... can't forget I'm a wife and mom for the other 22 hours a day!)

And now I'm off to tackle another homework assignment. ;)


  1. Gosh we never even touched this HUGE accomplishment! Will you be done by the time your jersey shore vacation arrives? Maybe that can be your gift to yourself!

  2. haha Suzanne! I will be done June 15 (or sooner if I can manage my research faster!) That sounds like a GREAT idea!!! :D

  3. Sarah, I'm so proud of thee. I've done this too, over and over. I find that busy Moms are the best students - no time for procrastination - one uses one's time well. Thee can do it and I will be in prayer for thee and ready to celebrate when thee's done. I have always been grateful I did all those papers and assignments over the years. I now have the training, knowledge and experience (from internships and jobs that opened up to me via my schooling track) that allows me to do the work I'm meant to do (mostly post child rearing stage). There will be a time in thy life when thy children will not be such a constant focus for thee and thy life work (for which thee studies now) will end up being a very essential and fulfilling part of thy world. Let me know when thee graduates! Lots of love, aunt Lyd :)


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