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SO I thought since I am now officially and FINALLY done with school, I should blog about the rest of my life. Cause my school was actually like 1% of my life. But it took over my blog.

Summer is officially upon us! Kids are signed up for nature camp. They are also going to "Cousins' Camp" (that my fab mother-in-law hosts for her six oldest grandkids) for a week in August.

We have family coming to visit on Monday for the week -- Dan's brother Joel and his family, INCLUDING baby Norah, newly home from Haiti! Yeah!!! I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of cornrow tutorials. ;)

Also next week we pick up Yanlin, our Fresh Air Fund kiddo who will be with us for two weeks. I called her today (she in a Chinese immigrant who has been in the US for two years; she speaks heavily accented English... her mom speaks zero English) to ask her what kind of food she likes. She immediately replied, "Oh, yeah, I like watermelon! and mango! and fish!" and ... on an…


After 12 years and 4 kids, as of tomorrow, I am finally FINISHED with my B.A. in English!


For my final project, I designed a family-friendly guide to the city of Philadelphia.

Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out.

And here's to me: no more homework! :D

ETA: I did not post this the other night but I actually struggled greatly in this class with my grades. I have thus far in my academic career been a straight A student; with the exception of a B in A&P and a [proud] C in College Algebra [hence the English major,] I have never had to worry about failing a class. Well, fairly early on in this class I realized after getting a 20 (!) and a 30 (!!!) on two pieces I'd submitted for my final project that I was clearly not understanding what my prof was looking for. I'm a hard worker and not afraid of doing what is needed to earn a grade, but despite my careful perusal of …