SO I thought since I am now officially and FINALLY done with school, I should blog about the rest of my life. Cause my school was actually like 1% of my life. But it took over my blog.

Summer is officially upon us! Kids are signed up for nature camp. They are also going to "Cousins' Camp" (that my fab mother-in-law hosts for her six oldest grandkids) for a week in August.

We have family coming to visit on Monday for the week -- Dan's brother Joel and his family, INCLUDING baby Norah, newly home from Haiti! Yeah!!! I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of cornrow tutorials. ;)

Also next week we pick up Yanlin, our Fresh Air Fund kiddo who will be with us for two weeks. I called her today (she in a Chinese immigrant who has been in the US for two years; she speaks heavily accented English... her mom speaks zero English) to ask her what kind of food she likes. She immediately replied, "Oh, yeah, I like watermelon! and mango! and fish!" and ... on and on. Haha. Looks like she'll fit right in around here!

The week after this I'm driving 7 hours to central NH (with the five kiddos) to spend time with Dan's mom, grandma, sister and two of her kids. We are staying at Dan's Granny's cabin on a lake with no running water or electricity or bathrooms (well there is an outhouse.) Wish me luck. ;)

This is really random but notewothy in my book, so therefore it is blog worthy. ;) I have an autoimmune reaction called granuloma annulare; I've had it since I was 18-ish and, since it never ever bothers me, it is usually it is very low (if at all) on my radar screen. Well for whatever reason it has been annoying me more than usual as of late, so I called my dermatologist to get a refill for my steroid cream that makes it go away. Well come to find out, my dermatologist had passed away (he was ancient) since I last saw him like 5 years ago and they won't fill my prescription until I get seen again, and the first available appt is in August, etc. etc. I am annoyed but ... what can you do. So. Come to find out, in randomly talking with a vet friend about this odd turn of events, that cats have a very similar autoimmune reaction that is also treated with a similar steroid cream... and yes, you guessed it, he hooked me up with some. YES. It works like a charm. Crazy, right?!

I also have shingles. For the second time. So much for having chicken pox as a kid and saving myself all that future headache! (I know... the annoyances of my life. #firstworldproblems)

I love my kiddos. I really really do. They're at such fun ages and stages. We are done with naps finally and for ever (HALLELUJAH!) so our afternoons are free and lazy (or exciting/productive, depending on my mood) and... well I love being a mom. I just really do. It's so much fun. Of course it's not ALL fun but it mostly really is. Last night Dan was out late so the kids and I watched Lady and the Tramp from our beach tent (that I'd set up in the living room) and had a little indoor campout. FUN. Hallie and I love to color and draw together. Or read. Livi and I jump on the trampoline together, or I push her really high on our swing and then spin her wildly around as she swings. She laughs so hard I sometimes think she's about to fall off. Tristan is mostly into imaginative play (he is alternately ALL ABOUT pirates, ninjas, cowboys, or Ironman.) When he is not dressing up or karate kicking things or playing ninja legos, sometimes he will play baseball or football catch with me. (I'm so happy I got my sports kid. ;)) Will and I read together, or discuss his future inventions, or do big puzzles. Or he tells me corny jokes (usually spin-offs of ones he's read and tried to "improve". haha.) I just love life right now with them all.


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