Home and tired...

So... our little 7-man African travel contingent made its way out of Dulles airport Monday morning... maybe around 8am. After driving to Philly and dropping off my two erstwhile adult traveling companions, I managed the 2-hour trek home... just me and the kids. Yeah, that was a little rough, especially coming off 24 hours of travel.

I came home, unpacked, started laundry, and fell asleep at 6pm for a solid 11 hour night. Yesterday was slightly better; I made it to 7:30 before Olivia and I fell asleep together for the night.

Tonight my goal is to make it 8:00. I think I can, I think I can... 

I have notes from my trip that I thought I would turn into a blog series... over the next week or so. If and when I can scrape together the time. All in all it was a GREAT trip and I am SO glad we went. Seeing Emily on her home turf was basically the highlight of my year. I am so stinking proud of her and the life she has made and is making for herself in Rwanda! She's amazing. 


  1. Glad you're back safely and am looking forward to hearing all about the trip! :)


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