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friday night

:: it's friday night and i am feeling lazy and unmotivated. i feel like ditching dinner obligations and reading a book for the rest of the evening. alas, my life does not currently allow such luxuries.

:: dan and i are talking seriously about enrolling will in the local charter school this fall. he will be in 5th grade and it will be a big step for all of us! we feel like the time is right... but we will see. i'm excited for the possibilities. 
:: i'm running my 2nd half-marathon on sunday, with one of my best local friends / distance-running partner. she is moving to anchorage at the end of may, which is sad for me, but not all bad, because i'm planning to go out in a year or so and run a race with her there (simultaneously realizing my dream of seeing alaska.)
:: the last two books i bought on kindle (one being francine rivers' latest, and the other was highly recommended to me, called sober mercies) did not download because..... our credit card number was hacked…

worship and dishes: a winning combo

Tonight we had our first spring dinner outside on the back porch... I made risotto (a perennial family fave) and sautéed mushrooms ... and leftover roasted brussels sprouts. It was lovely to sit outside in the fresh almost-spring air and listen to the kids' chatter and Dan's laugh and watch our crazy happy dog chasing birds in the yard. I love just being with my little fam.

After dinner, I offered to clean up and Dan offered to take the kids out in the woods for awhile to give me a quiet house. I love Hillsong Live's pandora station -- it always seems to "speak" to me, exactly when and where I need it. 

Tonight these lyrics echoed around my heart as I scrubbed pans and loaded dishes:

Your light will shine when all else fades

Never ending:
Your glory goes beyond all fame

And the cry of my heart
Is to bring You praise

From the inside out
Lord my soul cries out



I love good lyrics paired with good melodies. As I have little to no talent in either of thos…

on underprivileged kids and education

earlier today i finished reading a book called "found" by micha boyett. (loved it.)

browsing for her blog led me to another blog (emerging mama) who, in one of her recent posts, quoted max lucado in his book, "outlive your life":

"in the game of life, many of us who cross home plate do so because we were born on third base. others aren't even on a team."

i've been thinking about that truth all day, and it's weighing heavily on me.

my kids have the benefits of loving parents, good nutrition, education with (what basically amounts to) a private tutor (*pats self on back* ;)) solid routine, normal bedtimes, fresh air and exercise every single day... along with a million other little perks that, all combined, will help them trot down that little white line from third base to home plate.

 so. many. others. don't have ANY of this.

they don't have loving parents. don't have a decent breakfast (or any breakfast) before showing up to an ove…

Sunday evening

It's a quiet Sunday evening and Dan has said his goodbyes for the week a few hours earlier. The kids are sad and restless and irritable, so we head over to our neighborhood lake for a bit to regroup and enjoy the nearly 70° weather. They immediately disperse and I sit at a nearby picnic table, reading.

It is breezy and cool as the sun sinks lower towards the hills. The kids' urgent chattering soothes all our frazzled heads and makes my heart swell. You can hear peepers all around us, and I watch as birds glide on updrafts over the lake.

I've always found peace outdoors. When life and its myriad of distractions get the best of me, I can always find a clear head and calm spirit when I get outside. And the lyrics from my current favorite Hillsong that I've been humming all day resound around my heart and deeply anchor my soul.

"There is no one else for me: none but Jesus.
Crucified to set me free; now I live to bring him praise."

I know I've got a long …


i've changed things up a bit on the blog. many times when i feel like writing, i think i really should stop and update everyone on my life instead (who exactly the "everyone" is remains to be seen...) and then the actual bits i wanted to write never make their way onto the screen... like many small, precious things, they get lost in the shuffle of the "big picture".

so. this is my way of repurposing. of slowing down. of recording the small moments. of remembering a few of the many thoughts, prayers, and full-hearted emotions that so much make up the fabric of these years of my life.

Moving on...

Today I am working on cleaning out our mudroom cubbies. All the kids' winter stuff is getting phased out and packed away for another kiddo in another winter.

As I moved about making piles, to wash, to give away, to store, I began to fold up Olivia's little back snow pants --  and I felt that little twisting mama-heart pang.

I had purchased a pair of sturdy little black snow pants for Will during a freakishly big snowstorm in St. Louis, six years ago. He proudly wore them, and the boots and the parka that arrived that week, all week long, out in the snow. Over the years, three more siblings got a full winters' use out of them and they are still in great shape (because really, how hard are four-year-olds on snow gear?!) now it is time to pass them on. And really, I am happy to do so. I love getting rid of stuff and have no desire to keep things around that won't be used.

But they are so cute. So small. I can picture each of my babies standing tall in the littl…