friday night

:: it's friday night and i am feeling lazy and unmotivated. i feel like ditching dinner obligations and reading a book for the rest of the evening. alas, my life does not currently allow such luxuries.

:: dan and i are talking seriously about enrolling will in the local charter school this fall. he will be in 5th grade and it will be a big step for all of us! we feel like the time is right... but we will see. i'm excited for the possibilities. 

:: i'm running my 2nd half-marathon on sunday, with one of my best local friends / distance-running partner. she is moving to anchorage at the end of may, which is sad for me, but not all bad, because i'm planning to go out in a year or so and run a race with her there (simultaneously realizing my dream of seeing alaska.)

:: the last two books i bought on kindle (one being francine rivers' latest, and the other was highly recommended to me, called sober mercies) did not download because..... our credit card number was hacked last week, which i forgot about, and attempted to buy them using the cancelled number. oops.

:: in another oops, i referred to dan's boss, katheen kane, today as "kathleen kelly". if that sounds vaguely familiar, you're right, IT IS. because that was meg ryan's character in you've got mail. nice, huh? i'm awesome like that. 

:: well dinner is done and i need to go call the kids inside. they are currently behind the garage with dan, strapping leftover dynamite to random objects and blowing them up. (yes, somehow dan has "leftover dynamite" in the garage. i have no idea. don't even ask. 

:: happy weekend! 


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