Sunday evening

It's a quiet Sunday evening and Dan has said his goodbyes for the week a few hours earlier. The kids are sad and restless and irritable, so we head over to our neighborhood lake for a bit to regroup and enjoy the nearly 70° weather. They immediately disperse and I sit at a nearby picnic table, reading.

It is breezy and cool as the sun sinks lower towards the hills. The kids' urgent chattering soothes all our frazzled heads and makes my heart swell. You can hear peepers all around us, and I watch as birds glide on updrafts over the lake.

I've always found peace outdoors. When life and its myriad of distractions get the best of me, I can always find a clear head and calm spirit when I get outside. And the lyrics from my current favorite Hillsong that I've been humming all day resound around my heart and deeply anchor my soul.

"There is no one else for me: none but Jesus.
Crucified to set me free; now I live to bring him praise."

I know I've got a long week ahead so I soak up the peace and the sounds of a quiet evening by the lake, and think how very grateful I am for all of it.


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