These are the longest (nights) and shortest years of my life

With the exception of maybe five days this year (and less the last 3 years!), every morning I wake up to this:

Every night, some time between 1 and 5am, she makes her way into our room (occasionally on her own, but usually by calling for me) and spends the rest of the night tucked in the middle.

For all her sass and bravado and gumption and confidence by day, she sure turns into a small, cozy, needy little person at night.

I like to think that every night she spends nestled between Dan and I is helping heal the hurts from when she spent five months of nights alone, in 1/3 of a triple crib, with no mama and no daddy to hear her cries or come to her aid. I like to think her confidence by day is being built up by night, and one day, maybe not too far off, she will sleep the whole night in her own bed, and all these nights will be a distant memory. 

I hope I never forget the sound of her breathing, or the sleepy way she smells, or her sleepy voice requesting, "I wanna lay on your arm..." I know God has big plans for her life, and I like to think these quiet, un-flashy nights of sacrificed space and sleep will someday amount to something beautiful.

And really, let's be honest... who could resist someone that adorable anyway?? 


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