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In the chaos and confusion, I know you're sovereign still...
In the moment of my weakness, you give me strength to do your will...
So when you call, I won't delay,
This, my song through all my days:

There is no one else for me; none but Jesus.
Crucified to set me free, now I live to give him praise.

hiking the AT

I have dreamed of hiking the Appalachian trail (a 2000+ mile hiking trail that goes from Georgia to Maine) since I was probably 15... back then I spent my free time researching how I could do really cool and amazing things, like thru-hiking the AT or swimming across the English Channel (I admit that one is a dream I will likely not achieve.) At any rate, I have held my hiking dream lightly, as I got married out of high school and my free time to go off on a hiking jaunt diminished significantly with each beloved baby and new life adventure I started.

Four kids and 18 years later (and aided by a very supportive husband!) I decided to kick it into gear and chose a nearby 22 mile loop trail near where we live on which to try out my motley assortment of hiking gear. When one of my good friends expressed interest in hiking with me, I immediately capitalized on that and enlisted her as a coconspirator in my grand adventure. However, as we monitored the weather in the weeks leading up to the…