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The Saturday 7

One day late...

1. This week we have had 12 members of Dan's family here for the holiday week/ weekend. I'm a "more -the-merrier!" type of person when it comes to hosting friends and family so it's been dreamy. We've had intellectual family discussions/debates, played lots of games, gone for several walks, done a family tabata session and eaten so much good food (and desserts!) Boring life/ diet resumes later this week.

2. I'm reading fairly consistently these days. I'm 95% done with  my "Bible  in a  year" plan (that I started  in December of last year). I'm hoping to be done by the  31st but most likely will finish in early April. Better  late than never, right?

3. I have 4 podcasts that I love: Serial, RadioLab, Freakonomics and What Should I Read Next? I often (always?) listen while folding laundry or doing embroidery... sometimes while cooking or cleaning (depending  on the ambient noise level of the house around me, haha.) I've…

The Saturday 7

1. I've decided to write a weekly update of seven items, so one day when I'm old and grey I can look back and read about  all the minutiae of my life in my 30's.

2. Speaking of grey... 50 shades! Haha, JK. Speaking of grey, I'm starting to get some grey hair! It doesn't bother me so I'm just going with it. Some of the ladies I most love went grey at my age and just rocked it, so I figure what the hey. I like challenging societal norms! That's not to  say I won't change my mind in a few years and dye it. I know I'll start to look older as it goes on... but what's wrong with looking older anyway?! It is what it is... and I'm all about being keeping' it real. :)

3. March Madness! I'm stoked that my long-shot pick of Syracuse paid off. There's not much about not having satellite TV that I miss, but the Olympics and sports are the biggies. It's so annoying that there's not a "pay-per" option for streaming online yet.…