The Saturday 7

1. I've decided to write a weekly update of seven items, so one day when I'm old and grey I can look back and read about  all the minutiae of my life in my 30's.

2. Speaking of grey... 50 shades! Haha, JK. Speaking of grey, I'm starting to get some grey hair! It doesn't bother me so I'm just going with it. Some of the ladies I most love went grey at my age and just rocked it, so I figure what the hey. I like challenging societal norms! That's not to  say I won't change my mind in a few years and dye it. I know I'll start to look older as it goes on... but what's wrong with looking older anyway?! It is what it is... and I'm all about being keeping' it real. :)

3. March Madness! I'm stoked that my long-shot pick of Syracuse paid off. There's not much about not having satellite TV that I miss, but the Olympics and sports are the biggies. It's so annoying that there's not a "pay-per" option for streaming online yet. One day...

4. The kids are in theater, scouts, music, art, various sports (soccer, basketball, karate, gymnastics, spending on the season) and due to Dan's variable work schedule (and my SAHM status) I'm the resident taxi driver. I try to cram as many kid activities into as few nights as possible. I'd rather run for 5 hours on two day and get two to stay home than run a little all week long.

5. I'm making a list of all the "big projects" that I never get to. (Organizing the basement. Making photo albums. Etc.) I read somewhere that if you break projects down into small bites, then work on one "bite" every day for seven minutes, it is an effective way to break down those projects that you (I) never get around to (in my case, literally for years.) Sorting through old adoption paperwork?! Ugh. Who has time for that? Well I will soon... as soon as I start tackling it seven minutes at a time. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

6. Dan and I were married 15 years last fall, and we said that we would go backpacking this spring to celebrate. Now "this spring" has arrived and I guess it's time to start planning. Moab? Monument National Park? Arches? I feel like the northwest quadrant of the US has so much to offer... how do you even pick.

7. Related to the above, a friend and I are trying to hike all of the Appalachian Trail in PA (and maybe NJ if we get around to it.) We go for 2 days/1 night twice a year and try to knock out as much as we can. We are heading out again next month (thankfully spring has come early here!) and I'm already mapping out parking spots and mileage. I feel like my personality is equal parts "WING IT!" and "PLAN IT!" but hiking is one area (I have learned the hard way) that it is best NOT to wing it.

See you next week. :)


  1. I just had to echo your frustration about olympics/sports. We haven't had tv for a while now and I don't miss it a BIT (Netflix + Amazon prime is PLENTY to keep us entertained!) UNTIL things like march madness or the olympics roll around. It's so frustrating to me that you can't JUST pay for basic cable + ESPN or something like that. I don't need/want all those other channels! Ugh. Someday our kids will be laughing that this was even a thing. Haha!

    1. We love Netflix, and occasionally rent movies through iTunes. We have amazon but I admit I haven't ventured into their video streaming world. Is the content similar to Netflix?


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