The Saturday 7

One day late...

1. This week we have had 12 members of Dan's family here for the holiday week/ weekend. I'm a "more -the-merrier!" type of person when it comes to hosting friends and family so it's been dreamy. We've had intellectual family discussions/debates, played lots of games, gone for several walks, done a family tabata session and eaten so much good food (and desserts!) Boring life/ diet resumes later this week.

2. I'm reading fairly consistently these days. I'm 95% done with  my "Bible  in a  year" plan (that I started  in December of last year). I'm hoping to be done by the  31st but most likely will finish in early April. Better  late than never, right?

3. I have 4 podcasts that I love: Serial, RadioLab, Freakonomics and What Should I Read Next? I often (always?) listen while folding laundry or doing embroidery... sometimes while cooking or cleaning (depending  on the ambient noise level of the house around me, haha.) I've gotten several recent reads off the Read podcast, including What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

4. As noted above, I've started getting back into embroidery again. I made Olivia a pillowcase, so naturally Hallie wanted one as well. I also made a name hoop for my cousin's baby which I am very happy with! It's fun to get back into crafty things.

5. We heat our house with wood and since this winter has been so mild, we (that is, Dan) have our woodshed completely jammed full of wood, which is entirely unusual for us going into the spring. We have been able  to cut and stack wood all winter which is great!

6. We have had 10 kids between 4-12 here for the past few days and it's been so great. They're all at the great "middles" stage where they are independent and self-occupy and play all kinds of creative adventurous games together. I loved growing up with all my cousins and am so happy that my kiddos get to do the same.

7. It's Easter today ...and I am just so grateful for everything Jesus did for me. So grateful. The kind of bone-deep, wide-eyed gratitude that you can't really put into words but you just FEEL deep inside, so strongly.


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