The Saturday 7

...4 hours early! That's how I deal with being late two weeks in a row! Bam. ;)

1. It's been a long week. A long two weeks actually, but this week seemed longer. Dan was gone in Atlanta last week and Pittsburgh this week. Yesterday afternoon/evening I spent the better part of 4 hours running kids to their various activities, and when I pulled up in front of Hallie's flute teacher's house, she came out and asked if I'd forgotten the kids didn't have lessons that week. WHY YES, THANKS. Yes I did. *sigh* Dan got home earlier today and there was great celebration all around, especially by Tristan. That 9yo boy has such a tender heart and missed his daddy fiercely this week.

2. FIVE MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL! Can you tell I'm excited?! I've got all my curriculum squared away for next year and I've cleaned out everything "extra" I don't need for next year. I'm currently reading Gretchen Rubin's book Better Than Before (about mastering the everyday habits of our lives)  and in this chapter she is asking things like, "Are you a started or a finisher?" I'm definitely a finisher. I love wrapping projects up, throwing things away, combining two ketchup bottles into one, finishing books and definitely finishing the school year. :)

3. Will started a "business" at school, selling stress-relief balls (made out of a balloon filled with flour, cornstarch or powdered sugar.) He designed a custom order form and sold 11 on his first day! He was in production mode for a good portion of the evening tonight. He got bored (naturally) while making them but I reminded him that $13 (what he estimated he would make in profit) was more than  he would make in two weeks doing chores around the house, so it was definitely a good project to stick with! We'll see how long he lasts before he expands his product line. ;)

4. Tuesday was the primary election for PA and our county went for Trump by the highest percentage (77%) in the entire STATE. I am just going to leave that there because... I TRULY CAN'T EVEN. I saw a bumper for "We're Screwed 2016" today and, not to be a total downer pessimist, but... YEP.

5. On Monday I was a chaperone for my first field trip with Will and Hallie. They were at BizTown, which is like a miniature "real town". They had real jobs and live bank accounts and had to buy and sell products and open bank accounts and pay bills, etc. It was a fun day for everyone. My business (UGI, our local gas company) had a lot of meter reading and billing and at one point, my poor 6th grade CFO announced that he felt like he was barely keeping his head above water. Welcome to the real world kiddo! haha.

6. My sister Emily arrives Sunday (yaaaaaay!) four weeks before her due date for baby boy Mugisha. Next week is kinda crazy (two day trips to Philly, speaking at church Weds night) and I'm hoping that I can drag Emily home with me for at least a little during one of those Philly trips. One of Emily and Anna's best friends Lauren just birthed her little girl here two days ago so I'm sure they will be coming up here anyway soon. Which is WINNING for me; yay sister time!

7. Tomorrow night I am driving over two hours to hear Jen Hatmaker speak in an overflow room at a church outside of Harrisburg. Crazy? Maybe. But I love her writing (and she adopted her kids from ET using the same agency we did) ... so ... I feel like it's really going to be worth it. Stay tuned to see if next week I actually think it WAS worth it or if I am really annoyed that I drove over 4 hours for an event that was "meh". I'm pretty sure I won't mind the alone/quiet time in the car though, AT ALL. :)

8. Bonus point! It's your lucky day. ;) During my hike last week, my friend Rachel turned me onto the "Ask Pastor John" podcast. It's where people email their tough theology and life questions to John Piper and he answers them. I find it fascinating and although I am not a die-hard Piper follower, I really like his solid Biblical take on a wide variety of challenging issues. My one caveat to this whole thing is that, a few years ago I was at a conference, and a very well-respected speaker/Bible scholar/author said that, as someone who knows and works with JP, he finds him to be a very Biblically intelligent man, but not a very pleasant one. I find that juxtaposition very interesting. Because, IMO, you can be the world's best expert on predestination and calvinism and all that jazz but if you're kind of a jerk to people in real life? Meh. I dunno... I'm kind of out on your fan club. Not that you can't still be right about all the theology, but I'm just not gonna be your biggest fan because being a kind person is more important to me than being right. Not that being right isn't important too, it is.  But that's just how I feel. Maybe I'm wrong. I guess JP and Jesus and I can sort it all out in heaven one day. ;)


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