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The "Saturday" 7

1. Happy Memorial Day weekend! It's been an absolutely fantastic weekend here in northeast PA. 90˙ all the way and sunny skies... I got in two lakes swims and a kayak voyage; the kids all went off the rope swing, and we had two cookout dinners by the lake. Yay summer!

2. We took the kids camping last night. It's so much work to pack for one night away, but it's so worth it-- you can't buy memories like these! Dan and I told the kids stories about when they were little and we all belted out campfire songs. Yay summer nights.

3. 3.5 days of school left! Yay end of school and yay start of summer! Only 11 weeks of summer vacation though, and I know they will fly by like nothing. LE SIGH.

4. Last Monday was the kids' spring concert and band recital at school. Will plays trumpet and Hal plays the flute. They did great and I'm so proud of them. :)

5. Yesterday was Emily's due date (!!!) but alas, no sign of le bebe. Dan and I and the kids drove halfway to Philly t…

"Saturday" 7

1. It's Tuesday... and I thought about writing this up all weekend (and yesterday) but somehow didn't find the time. The kids have 6.5 days of school left. This school year has truly flown by... I rarely think that, but for whatever reason, this year seems to have gone by in a blink! I can't wait for summer. I know i stay that every week but it's true. I love summer!

2. Last Sunday was Emily's baby shower, which my sister-in-law Jen did an amazing job planning and decorating for. The theme was "Baby Abroad" and it was US- and Rwandan- themed ...and so cute! I'm good at many things, but themed parties is NOT one of them. I'm absolutely a last-minute, paper plates and order pizza kinda party planner. Anyway, it was fun to catch up with everyone who came out for her shower! Afterward, several of us had an Office-watching marathon. It had been a long time coming... sometimes you just need a good awkward Michael Scott scene to make you feel better. lol

The Saturday 7

I should probably just rename this little feature "The Weekly 7" because I am clearly not any good at consistently posting on a Saturday! -___-

1. Mother's Day was last Sunday and Dan and the kids surprised me with a day at the beach. We drove the hour and a half to Ocean City, NJ and stayed in a hotel (after spending the afternoon/evening at my sister's graduation party in Philly.) I got to wake up early and sneak out for a solo early morning beach walk which was, as most moms can imagine, pretty darn fabulous. We got breakfast in a great little place overlooking the beach / boardwalk, rented bikes for an hour, got dole whips and walked on the boardwalk, and generally enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and blue sky beauty day. Of course at least one kids had to fall in the water while climbing on the pilings, but that's entirely expectable.

2. My Aunt Lyn comes up from NJ every couple months to visit her sister Anne and the rest of the extended family in our area, a…

The Saturday 7

1. Jen Hatmaker. Oh my goodness. I want to say I love that lady SO much but I feel like that's weird since I've never actually met or spoken to her. She was amazing-- totally worth the long drive.

I met up with an adoption friend from Baltimore (they've adopted 3 kids from Ethiopia and 1 from Korea) ... and I'd actually never her met in real life. We met for chinese before the event and hit it off immediately. (It's amazing how adoption makes instant friendships!)

Anyway, Jen. I'd read her book For the Love earlier this year (last year?) and just fell in love with her love for Jesus and her funny, easy style of writing. She was no less amazing in person.

At the Q&A session at the end of the night, one lady last asked Jen for her advice on teenagers. She started laughing and was like... why do people think I'm an expert on raising teenagers, I know nothing. But then she talked about how she has distilled her rules for raising teens down to three things: …