"Saturday" 7

1. It's Tuesday... and I thought about writing this up all weekend (and yesterday) but somehow didn't find the time. The kids have 6.5 days of school left. This school year has truly flown by... I rarely think that, but for whatever reason, this year seems to have gone by in a blink! I can't wait for summer. I know i stay that every week but it's true. I love summer!

2. Last Sunday was Emily's baby shower, which my sister-in-law Jen did an amazing job planning and decorating for. The theme was "Baby Abroad" and it was US- and Rwandan- themed ...and so cute! I'm good at many things, but themed parties is NOT one of them. I'm absolutely a last-minute, paper plates and order pizza kinda party planner. Anyway, it was fun to catch up with everyone who came out for her shower! Afterward, several of us had an Office-watching marathon. It had been a long time coming... sometimes you just need a good awkward Michael Scott scene to make you feel better. lol

3. Dan was gone in Virginia all week for craigslist ad training. (Yes, that's a thing, and trust me, you don't even want to know. Gross.) It was also Will's "tech week" (full week rehearsal) for his production of James and the Giant Peach; he also had a field trip to the Camden Aquarium and Hallie's class went to the Franklin Institute. I spent most (all?) evenings running, dropping off, picking up kids for hours.  Ahh the things we do for love. ;)

4. My sister Abby was in town for a quick visit Weds-Sat. She has lived in Jacksonville and Colorado the past two years and needed to spend a few days regrouping and repacking before heading out for work this summer and college in the fall. It was so great to see her and get to spend some time with her!

5. The girls and I went on a mother-daughter camping weekend at Mt. Gilead Fri-Sun. It was so much fun! We had lots of adventure doing archery, riflery, a ropes course, art projects and meeting new friends. From my point of view, it was just great to show up at meals and be fed, haha!

6. A friend and I were finally able to meet up last week to go for a hike and picnic with our kids. We have been friends for 5 years at least, through church and homeschooling and life, and now with our kids getting older, and life getting busier, we've been having a much harder time connecting and finding time to hang out! Thankfully we were able to carve out an afternoon to just play together, and it was great. Those friendships that just seem to effortlessly pick up where you left off are truly a gift!

7. I hung my camping hammock on the front porch yesterday and Tristan and Olivia and I laid in it together while I drilled them on their times tables and math facts. The sun was out and it was warm... finally it seems that we are headed in the right direction in that department!!!


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