The Saturday 7

I should probably just rename this little feature "The Weekly 7" because I am clearly not any good at consistently posting on a Saturday! -___-

1. Mother's Day was last Sunday and Dan and the kids surprised me with a day at the beach. We drove the hour and a half to Ocean City, NJ and stayed in a hotel (after spending the afternoon/evening at my sister's graduation party in Philly.) I got to wake up early and sneak out for a solo early morning beach walk which was, as most moms can imagine, pretty darn fabulous. We got breakfast in a great little place overlooking the beach / boardwalk, rented bikes for an hour, got dole whips and walked on the boardwalk, and generally enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and blue sky beauty day. Of course at least one kids had to fall in the water while climbing on the pilings, but that's entirely expectable.

2. My Aunt Lyn comes up from NJ every couple months to visit her sister Anne and the rest of the extended family in our area, and she has started inviting most of us over to my Aunt Anne's house for chinese takeout one night. It's become a really fun, impromptu time to see family and hear what everyone is up to (last time my cousin and uncle in Japan and cousin in Colorado skype'd in to say hi to everyone) and of course, stuff our faces with deliciously unhealthy chinese food. My Aunt Anne has (in the words of Will) "a very very very dark green thumb" and her land is covered in plants and flowers and gardens and it's fun to see what project she is up to next!

3. I got the new modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice "Eligible" from the library on Thursday and finished it in 4 days. It was good, but not as good as I'd been hoping. I could've used a lot more Liz-Darcy interaction to be honest. :) I'm also in the middle of reading the second Three Pines mystery by Louise Penny (I love her name!) I've heard the third book is the best so if I'm not in love with the series by the time I read that one, I'll call it quits. I think there are 12 books in the series at this point.

4. Hallie and I tried a yoga class together Thursday night. It was so much fun but also much more challenging than I'd expected! Although I consider myself to be in relatively decent shape and I'm pretty athletic, I don't have a lot of core strength or natural ability to balance and my ankles are on the weak side (prone to rolling and spraining). All that to say that yes, although I did fall over at one point, I felt like it was simultaneously peaceful and relaxing yet challenging, so I think we'll go back again. I was impressed at well Hallie did! I guess that's what having 11-year-old flexibility will do for you. :)

5. Friday night one of our good friends and neighbors Liz hosted a concert in her home. Annalise Emerick was enroute to a show in NJ and agreed to stop here and do a house concert for a bunch of Liz's neighbors and firends. It was a fun evening and I loved Annalise's music and voice. I'm so thankful to have such a great community that introduces me to culture and music and ideas that I wouldn't have otherwise known about!

6. Greek Festival! Saturday was the last day of our local greek church's food festival. When we lived in St. Louis, every year Dan and I would go to the Greek festivals and pig out on gyros and baklava and spanakopita.. it was amazing. This was the first year I was aware of the one here (thanks, Facebook!) so we took the kids for lunch on Saturday. They were sold out of baklava (SO SAD) but otherwise had everything we love. Nothing like eating great food at makeshift tables in a church basement right?? Mmm so yummy.

7. My van got a big crack in the windshield so we had to get it replaced. I have no idea how it happened. I drove the van around 10pm on Weds night to meet Dan (who had forgotten his boots on his way to a search warrant and was only wearing flip-flops! ha) and then when I got in it Thurs morning at 6:30 to meet my friend to walk, there was the crack. I didn't notice anything at all the night before! So weird. Anyway, thank God for good insurance and nice guys who fix busted windshields. :)

That's it for now... See you in a few days, at this rate... ;)


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