The "Saturday" 7

1. Happy Memorial Day weekend! It's been an absolutely fantastic weekend here in northeast PA. 90˙ all the way and sunny skies... I got in two lakes swims and a kayak voyage; the kids all went off the rope swing, and we had two cookout dinners by the lake. Yay summer!

2. We took the kids camping last night. It's so much work to pack for one night away, but it's so worth it-- you can't buy memories like these! Dan and I told the kids stories about when they were little and we all belted out campfire songs. Yay summer nights.

3. 3.5 days of school left! Yay end of school and yay start of summer! Only 11 weeks of summer vacation though, and I know they will fly by like nothing. LE SIGH.

4. Last Monday was the kids' spring concert and band recital at school. Will plays trumpet and Hal plays the flute. They did great and I'm so proud of them. :)

5. Yesterday was Emily's due date (!!!) but alas, no sign of le bebe. Dan and I and the kids drove halfway to Philly to meet them and Anna for lunch and we made a guessing pool of the baby's birth date and weight. Tomorrow is the big day for both Dan and Tristan... but Hallie doesn't think he will come till June 8. (Poor Emily!) haha.

6. We've been having thunderstorms off and on lately... nothing better than summer thunderstorms, am I right?! Hallie and I like to lay in the hammock on our front porch and read while the storm rolls in. She's an adorable 11 year old reader and I love spending girl time with her!

7. I've been thinking lately about all the mom things I am not. I am not a mom who throws fancy, themed parties. I am not a mom who coordinates her family in matching outfits for Christmas/Easter/the 4th of July (for that matter, I am not a mom who cares what her kids wear most of the time!) I am not a mom who plays fun games on apps with her kids. I don't play tag with them, or chases them around the yard. I don't buy them name-brand stuff or stuff that's "in style". I don't let them drink coffee. I don't have every teaching moment lead back to a bible verse. I don't do so much that I admire in my mom friends, that they do every day for and with their kids. But I do what I do... and that's enough! I do bounce on the trampoline with them. I do read aloud to them. I do listen to their stories and laugh at their jokes. I do lots of outside stuff with them. I let them be kids and don't helicopter over their every move. I do what I am good at, and that's good enough. Moms, we should all drop the guilt and just do what we do.... because none of us can do it all, so all we can do is all we can do. And at the end of the day, if we do what we can do, let's believe that God will fill in the cracks and hopefully we will all raise unique, healthy, wholehearted kids who love God and love people and still want to be around us parents, even when they're grown. :)


  1. You take your kids camping. Pretty sure that counts for a lifetime of birthday parties! Haha.


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