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Saturday 7 {aka vacation recap}

1. We're freshly home from 10 days in Missouri... I know I say this frequently after these get-togethers, but I am so incredibly grateful for the family I married into. There is so much grace and love and hard and good all rolled together, and I feel so privileged to have a front row seat to seeing how this family makes it work so beautifully. Not perfectly, but truly, beautifully.

2. We arrived in STL on Friday and spent the weekend on the farm with Pop & Mima and various aunts, uncles & cousins. The weekend was perfect: full of pond swimming, creek walking, and bonfires; the front porch was home to early morning devotions, many family meals, coffee & adult conversations while the kids caught fireflies and played catch or bounced on the trampoline. The MO heat stayed pleasant and the humidity cooperated and the breezes blew... and all this loveliness was made even more poignant and memorable by the fact that it was our family's last time at the farm-- Dan's pa…

The Saturday 7 (x2)

I know everyone missed me so much last week... so here I am with a double edition of TSS. ;)

1. We have a baby!!!!! Emily's due date came and went last Sunday and then Friday night around 2:30pm I got a text from my sister Anna that Emily had been having steady contractions all day and to pray that they kicked in and didn't quit... well they did kick in, and Ethan Nelson Mugisha was born at 11:57 Friday night! I got to the birthing center about 20 min. before birth so I got be with Emily for all the painful postpartum stuff... so hard, but I'm so glad I was able to be with her. Ethan is perfection! All babies are precious (of course) but this is my first nephew/niece that my own sister has had... and it's pretty special!

2. So Friday night, after pulling an all-nighter at the hospital with Emily, I headed home around 5:30am. I made it about an hour before I had to stop at a rest stop. When I awoke an hour later, extremely groggy, I grabbed a double-shot latte, and arri…