The Saturday 7 (x2)

I know everyone missed me so much last week... so here I am with a double edition of TSS. ;)

1. We have a baby!!!!! Emily's due date came and went last Sunday and then Friday night around 2:30pm I got a text from my sister Anna that Emily had been having steady contractions all day and to pray that they kicked in and didn't quit... well they did kick in, and Ethan Nelson Mugisha was born at 11:57 Friday night! I got to the birthing center about 20 min. before birth so I got be with Emily for all the painful postpartum stuff... so hard, but I'm so glad I was able to be with her. Ethan is perfection! All babies are precious (of course) but this is my first nephew/niece that my own sister has had... and it's pretty special!

2. So Friday night, after pulling an all-nighter at the hospital with Emily, I headed home around 5:30am. I made it about an hour before I had to stop at a rest stop. When I awoke an hour later, extremely groggy, I grabbed a double-shot latte, and arrived home about 7:15am. I crashed and slept for another couple hours, then Dan and I and the kids headed off to a family adventure race -- three hours in the woods to complete 20 obstacles. Dan teamed up with the middle kids, and Will and I were a team (Olivia is a little too young/small to participate.) In the family division, Will and I finished 5 out of 17 teams, and completed 19 obstacles. Dan & Co. completed 17 challenges and placed 8/17! So much fun and so exhausting. I haven't pulled a crazy stunt like that one in years!

3. Last Friday was our last day of school! Which means HURRAY, SUMMER IS HERE!!! My friend Bekah and I left on Tuesday and took the kids to the beach in Ocean City NJ for 4 days. It was fabulous. Our hotel was right on the boardwalk, and we went from the pool to the boardwalk to the beach to the pool all day long. Bekah makes an amazing sangria and overnight after the kids were in bed we would sit out on the balcony and laugh and talk. It was the perfect way to kick off summer!

4. So yesterday I drove 4 hrs. home from Ocean City (with a halfway 30 min. pitstop for a bathroom break/Ethan photo sesh thrown in there) ... got home around 4pm, pulled everything out of the car, changed and headed back down to Philly at 5 for a family thing that evening! It was such a fun time-- I always love seeing extended family! And to top it off, we met up with Shami's parents, Peter and Jane, who had flown in from CA to see Shami & Emily (but let's face it, mostly the new grand baby ;)) after the event. It was fantastic to see them-- they are amazing people and I love spending time with them! We then drive home ... got home around midnight and crashed. When Olivia showed up in bed with us at 7:30 this morning, I was convinced it was 4am haha.

5. I just started reading Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave. It's been said to be the standout WWII novel of the year, and been compared to All the Light We Cannot See (which was stellar) I'm excited. The lady at the library told me I was lucky-- apparently I just beat out the tidal wave of requests for it... I got it right away and now there's a six-month waitlist! Go me. ;)

6. Tomorrow afternoon we are all going on a rafting trip down the Lehigh river with 2 neighbor/friend families, and I'm so excited! I love being on the river. Whitewater rafting is just enough excitement and adrenaline for me without being scary... I love it!

7. The week ahead is crazy busy with everything that I thought would be a good idea to cram in before we leave on Friday for 9 days in MO... dentist/ped appts, homeschool evals, haircuts, eye exams... really, what was I thinking? Then Friday we pull out for a weeklong visit to our St. Louis and Kansas City fam, and a family reunion at the Lake of the Ozarks. When we get home, we jump right into a week of overnight scout and basketball camp, and our fresh air fund girl arrives! I just know the next weeks will fly by. Right now we are finished with 1/11 of summer vacation... by the time I check in next we will have finished two more weeks and will only have 8 weeks left. WAAAHHHH! BOO, HISS! Let's have summer vacation forever. <3 p="">


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