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The Sunday 7

1. Last week the Olympic women's gymnastics team was picked. When I showed Olivia the picture of the team she grinned. When I said "what?" She said "two of them are brown like me!" When I told her the girl in front (Simone Biles) is actually the best gymnast in the entire world, her eyes got huge... and she grinned even bigger. White parents of brown kiddos, it's important that your kids know that people who look like them can and do succeed in every area of life. (#representationmatters :))

 Go Team USA! We're on the Olympic games countdown around here.

2. The recent events with police shootings have been hard on all of us. One of the hardest things about having a spouse in law enforcement is the ever-present awareness that my kids could grow up without a dad... that random police shooting are a real thing. Dan is an amazing dad and it's hard to live in the tension that, one day, unexpectedly, our kids could lose that, forever.

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The Saturday 7

1. Week 1 with our fresh air fund girl Selina is done! We spent most days at the lake for hours... kayaking, rope-swinging, swimming... you know the routine. ;) Tomorrow all 5 kids head to our local nature day camp for a week of fun! (And my to-do list is getting longer...) Our local paper did a write-up about our experiences hosting Selina; you can see it here:

2. My sister Emily (but more importantly her baby Ethan) have been here for the past week. It's been fabulous.
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3. I literally spent 8 hours at the lake on Weds. I showed up at 10:30 for bible study, ran home at 12:30 to grab lunch stuff to bring back since the kids were having such a great time with their friends... had a friend from church join me with her kiddos, so we spent the afternoon there... we ordered pizza delivery at 6... and I went home around 6:30. What even is my life. haha

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Saturday 7

posting on a Tuesday, because #longweekends and #thatlakelife

1. Last week we dropped Will at scout camp on Sunday morning. We saw him Weds night for parents' dinner, then not again till we picked him up Saturday morning. He had a blast! He earned 4 merit badges (swimming, riflery, basketweaving & leatherwork) and says he can't wait to go back again next year.

2. Tristan attended Upwards basketball camp M-F last week and he LOVED every minute of it. I heart that kid and his big heart so much... he would come home at the end of the day literally hoarse from cheering/yelling so loud all day long.

3. Tuesday night Tristan & Olivia tested for their yellow & orange belts in karate, a 90 min exhausting process, (which, after 6 hours of basketball for Tristan, almost pushed him over the edge.)

4. Thursday we picked up Selina, the kiddo who stays with us every year for a couple weeks through the Fresh Air Fund. It's been so fun having her back! This is her 4th year wit…