Saturday 7

posting on a Tuesday, because #longweekends and #thatlakelife

1. Last week we dropped Will at scout camp on Sunday morning. We saw him Weds night for parents' dinner, then not again till we picked him up Saturday morning. He had a blast! He earned 4 merit badges (swimming, riflery, basketweaving & leatherwork) and says he can't wait to go back again next year.

2. Tristan attended Upwards basketball camp M-F last week and he LOVED every minute of it. I heart that kid and his big heart so much... he would come home at the end of the day literally hoarse from cheering/yelling so loud all day long.

3. Tuesday night Tristan & Olivia tested for their yellow & orange belts in karate, a 90 min exhausting process, (which, after 6 hours of basketball for Tristan, almost pushed him over the edge.)

4. Thursday we picked up Selina, the kiddo who stays with us every year for a couple weeks through the Fresh Air Fund. It's been so fun having her back! This is her 4th year with us, and she fits into our family, life & routine perfectly.

5. I got my hair cut for the first time in a year. I've been trying to grow it out and have been entirely unsuccessful in getting it past my bra line. In the past I have pooh-poohed those who say to get it trimmed every 6 weeks but I'm now going to run an experiment and get it trimmed every 6 weeks for the next 12 months and see if I gain any net growth. I'll be 35 this fall so just maybe I am past the point of no return on hair growth. We shall see. ;)

6. The 4th of July weekend was spectacular.  Friends, family, hours at the lake, kayaking, rope-swinging, so many cans of La Croix water, I lost count... I feel so incredibly blessed to live where we do. It's truly summer paradise!

7. Today Will turns 13. He is a smart, funny kid who has a truly compassionate & kind heart. He looks out for the underdogs and the marginalized ...and I love him so much.

Also I'm the mom of a teenager. WHAT.


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