The Saturday 7

1. Week 1 with our fresh air fund girl Selina is done! We spent most days at the lake for hours... kayaking, rope-swinging, swimming... you know the routine. ;) Tomorrow all 5 kids head to our local nature day camp for a week of fun! (And my to-do list is getting longer...) Our local paper did a write-up about our experiences hosting Selina; you can see it here:

2. My sister Emily (but more importantly her baby Ethan) have been here for the past week. It's been fabulous.
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3. I literally spent 8 hours at the lake on Weds. I showed up at 10:30 for bible study, ran home at 12:30 to grab lunch stuff to bring back since the kids were having such a great time with their friends... had a friend from church join me with her kiddos, so we spent the afternoon there... we ordered pizza delivery at 6... and I went home around 6:30. What even is my life. haha

4. Found out on Friday that Will is finally going to get braces next month! (We've been waiting for 2+ years for his last baby teeth to fall out!) He also got reading glasses AND turned 13 all in a week. He's such a great kid; Dan says all the time that it is a privilege to be his dad, and I couldn't agree more. He's a privilege to be a parent to. We took him out for dinner (the Melting Pot) and to the Apple store (first device: an iPad!) on Tuesday (his birthday) and had a great time. ...And just like that, I'm the parent of a teenager.

5. After a week of gorgeous hot & sunny weather, this weekend has been cool, rainy and cloudy. And I saw an advance weather report that we will be getting "more-than-average" snow this winter. Come back hot weather, before it's too late!!!

6. I finished reading The Nest this week... it was just ok. Didn't live up to all the hype, in my opinion, anyway. I'm currently reading The Gilded Years, and I really like it so far. Here's hoping it stays good! It's so annoying when a book shows promise and then the plot drops off midway through.

7. Six weeks left of summer... halfway done. Slow down, time. This is the golden season and the golden years and I just can't get enough. <3 p="">


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