The Saturday 7 / End of Summer

1. Well that's it. Summer 2016 is officially in the books. Tomorrow morning I walk with my friend from 6:30-7:30, come home to family devotions, packing lunches, making breakfasts ands scooting out the door by 8:15 with my big 7th and 6th graders. Home a few minutes later to clean up from breakfast, (hopefully) start a load of laundry and straight up a bit, and start homeschool with my 1st and 4th graders by 9:00! I give myself (and the kids) a lot of grace the first week... routines are hard to get back into, so I don't expect perfection... but at least we will be heading in the right direction! 

2. This week has been a weeks of "lasts". Blueberry picking, night swimming, sand-pile climbing and jumping, rope-swinging-in-the-rain, etc. Whatever fun thing the kids wanted to do, I tried hard to say "yes!" Summer is short and the kids are only this age once... plus Selina and the kids' cousins were in town, adding to the chaos and making everything just that much more adventurous and fun. :)

3. Soccer season is back in full swing as well, so for the next three months, I'll be spending 4 nights a week at the local rec park. Awesome. (haha.) I only have 2 kids playing; I can't imagine how my parents made it work with me and my siblings (4 of us) playing on 6 teams at the same time. I certainly appreciate their sacrifice, and I love love loved playing soccer for our local rec team and our local "travel" team. Sports were one of my very favorite things growing up, and they played a big part in shaping who I am today... it's important to me to try my very best to give that experience to my kids as well! 

4. Will doesn't play "official" sports, but he's been taking tennis lessons with a neighbor kid once a week, and he loves it. It's funny, you just never know what will click with your kids! Will hated playing baseball and soccer, but he loves boy scouts, theater, and tennis. Kids are all so different and unique - I love it! He doesn't really love karate per se, but he started taking it with Tristan and now wants to stick with it so he can out-rank Tristan.... gotta love a little "brotherly love" for motivation! 

5.  Hallie takes flute lessons year-round, and will start back up with art lessons next month. She's super strong and athletic, but like Will, hasn't really clicked with a team sport. I'm trying to get her to go to weekly yoga with me this fall... we'll see. haha. She's really a home body and, especially during the school year, doesn't like to be busy with extra activities during the week. She'd rather be reading in her room! :)

6. Tristan is all about basketball and soccer... and does karate twice a week. He loves his team sports fiercely, and is a great team player and encourager. I love watching him play! He puts his whole heart in whatever he does and gives it his very best. 

7. Olivia is playing soccer and so far, that's it. She's only six so I don't feel too bad about it. :) She wants to take dance and gymnastics and do theater, but with Dan's work schedule being what it is (unpredictable) and me being what I am (one person ;)), I have to really work to make it all fit. And family dinners are still a priority to me, so I have to fight to make sure we are all sitting down together at least a couple times a week! (Ahh the trials of the modern family. ;)) Not really. I love my life and I love seeing my kids do what they love, and watching them grow and develop into really awesome people. And making it all work is one of the chief joys of my occupation! :)


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