Saturday 7

I know, I know-- I'm a day early in a trend that has had me consistently late for months. I've also been up since 5, so things are all kinds of weird around here. ;)

1. Tonight I leave for 18.6 miles on the AT. We've done all the mileage close to us so now we are driving about an hour (I know, that's still really very close!) to drop one car, then 40 minutes to drop the other and set up camp at the trailhead. Two days and relatively low mileage means more lounging by the campfire at night and lazier mornings. I like. ;)

2. Four weeks in to the school year and it's going amazingly well. Everyone's adjusted to the new routines like champs! I'm really happy with how everything is going so far. It's so nice when things just work and it's not a fight everyday!

3. I walk with my friend several mornings each week (before the kids are up!) and now when we walk, there is steam coming off the lake every day... this means the lake is losing heat and that summer is almost over. I was sad about this but the kids were very excited because that means fall (and fall means Christmas is next!) 

4. Today is Dan's and my 16th anniversary! Who could have known all those years ago when those 18 and 22 year old kids said "I will" that we'd be here 16 years later?! I'm so grateful for the life we have built and for so much about who Dan is. I feel very lucky!

5. Hallie's been asking to start taking horseback riding lessons, so I called my sister's instructor, and ...we are a go! I hope she likes it and sticks with it... It's a great life skill! I haven't ridden in years but I think that it's still something that could come in handy one day... if the world falls apart. haha

6.  The kids are so into building fires in our back porch fireplace right now. I think we are on day 4 or 5 of daily fires! There's something about fall weather that makes sitting by a fire so cozy. Dan had court in Philly yesterday (which is across the street from Reading Terminal Market, an enormous indoor farmers' market) and he brought home a bunch of goodies for dessert last night. So we all ate caramel apples and pastries while sitting around the blazing fire. All the heart eyes!! 

7. I've been having the younger kids make their own lunches every day. At first they were resistant but now they think it's a great adventure. And it frees me up to get other stuff done, so win-win. More independent kids and more free time later for everyone when the big kids get home! :)


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